Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56

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Pvrbtgb B RBS 56


As the Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 (Pvpjtgb 1111) was being retired from service in the 1990s, an unknown number of them were reconfigured to replace the Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 (Pvpj 1110) with the Robotsystem 56 BILL ATGM system. These vehicles were to be known as the Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil RBS 56 (Pvrbtgb RBS 56). After a small modification that added, among other things; a mounting point for a Ksp 58B (FN MAG) or Ksp 90 (FN Minimi), mounting point for radio equipment, a cabinet for a fire extinguisher: the vehicle became the Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56 (Pvrbtgb B RBS 56).


The Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56 (Pvrbtgb B RBS 56) is a light and agile open-top tank hunter armed with the RBS 56 BILL and a Ksp 58B (FN MAG) or Ksp 90 (FN Minimi). The Pvrbtgb B RBS 56 retains the ability of the Pvpjtgb 1111 to raise and lower its primary armament above the chassis of the vehicle during firing.

It carried a total of three RBS 56 BILL ATGMs distributed between a dedicated missile compartment and a dedicated space below the elevator. While this is the official capacity of the vehicle, I have found one image displaying a 4th stored on top of the aft compartment.

As with the Pvpjtgb 1111 there is a dedicated smoke grenade box in between the driver and commander, holding up to 8 smoke grenades.
Smoke Grenade Box

Added to the vehicle for use during firing is a series of support legs in each corner of the vehicle. The purpose of these is to provide stabilization, not to lift the vehicle from the ground.
Support Legs


Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56
Weight, total: 3500 kg
Length: 470 cm
Width: 207,8 cm
Height: 222 cm
Clearance: 38 cm
Max wading depth: 70 cm
Max incline: 60% (39 degrees)
Max tilt: 40% (22 degrees)
Crew: 4
Armor: Unarmored
Engine: Volvo B 30 A
Max speed: 70 km/h (peace-time)
Armament: RBS 56 BILL
Ksp 58 (7,62) or Ksp 90 (5,56)

Pvrbtgb B RBS 56
Pvrbtgb B RBS 56
Pvrbtgb B RBS 56
Pvrbtgb B RBS 56


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