Type 62 SPAA

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History: Type 62 Spaa/IFV is a bangladeshi modification of chinese Type 62 Light tank. Bangladesh had ordered type 62 tanks in 1980s, these tanks saw limited service compared to other chinese tanks in service of Bangladesh army. Original Type 62s were retired between 2000-1995. Later Bangladesh army took some modernization programs to upgrade their retired type 62s. These were first revealed to the public on Bangladesh army’s magazine called ‘Shena Barta(1999 publication)’. Probably due to crew dissatisfaction and some other reasons the modernized version saw a very short service life.They were probably retired between 2009-2010. All of these tanks were upgraded locally. (There is a slight confusion whether if it was a ifv or spaa). Later they were converted to apc, currently they are used as monuments.

Armor: Hull armor and turret armor is same as before except the turret front. Armor around the gun might have been reduced severely.

Main Gun: I couldnt find accurate sources so i have done some personal research. The gun is Most likely Type 74 anti air craft gun(Based on visual resemblance and i have also measured the tank’s gun length its same as Type 74. Just before the muzzle break you can see a part slightly wider that wider part is also present in type 74/65 AA guns. Also at that time Bangladesh only had two types of 37mm guns which were type 74 and type 65 AA gun). The gun was modified to be a single barrel gun.

Secondary weapon:1 12.7mm machine gun. Probably Dshk.

Main gun elevation and depression angles:+85 to -10

Rate of fire: 160 rounds per minute. 5 rounds per clip.

Muzzle velocity:

  • 880 m/s for AP,HE, HE FRAG-T
  • 960 m/s for HVAP round.

Firing Range: 8500m and effective range 3700-4700m.

Note: This was a very rare tank/spaa and because of that reason very few information is available. Type 62 SPAA name isn’t the official name of this tank. Official name is unknown and it’s probably going to be unknown for ever because all the modified type 62 were either scrapped or modified further to make APCs. One of the SPH is currently on display at Bangabandhu Military Museum.


ODIN - OE Data Integration Network

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Only picture of the Type 62 SPAA to exist on the internet

I would recommend the devs to use this taller turret in game. As it’s the final turret of this tank. Picture:

Special thanks to kleinerPanzer for sharing a very rare picture of this tank


Would make a great SPAA for China. +1

im not actually sure,


this one does have the wide part before the MB
Screenshot 2023-08-27 114209
this is a type-65 but no wide part
Screenshot 2023-08-27 114216
this is a type74 but also no wide part (and twin barrel).
Screenshot 2023-08-27 114225

so is it possible some other gun/autocannon was used?

this i agree with

Back then we didnt have any other 37mm gun apart from Type 65/74 gun.So I think that fume extractor was probably added in the gun during the modernisation of type62.

well tbf according to the two pics below, it does seem like it was a twin barrel mount. and the fume extractor does make sense since they were going to use it unusually in an enclosed area.


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If gaijin doesnt buff it’s turret traverse rate it would suck as a SPAA

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well ancient IFV might also work

Rare picture

I think china also worked on an own version of a Type 62 AA but the roof was open and the photo being black and white could mean its way older than that Bangladesh variant.


That spaa was passed to the devs a few months ago.

Bangladeshi one might not be a actual spaa.Because how are they going to spot the enemy planes if theres no radar or extra sight for spotting. It might have been a IFV.

+1, seems fun. Although I really want a faster turret traverse.

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a okay thank you for the info hope this one gets implemented aswell :3 +1

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nice and powerfull SPAA

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With closed turret top, I dought it will have a lot of gun elavation.

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I think it was a IFV.Otherwise if they actually wanted to use this as a SPAA they probably would have modified the turret.

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Apparently at least one was also seen at the 29th Independence Day parade in 2000.

Source: BBC News | SOUTH ASIA | Bangladesh marks independence day


Thank you for this picture. How did you even manage to find this?
The tank in the middle seems to have a taller turret than the others. Maybe these tanks received a modified turret at some point.