P-16.04 Nr.1: Ambitious Start

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FFA P-16.04 Nummer.1



It is the first prototype of the P-16 series developed by FFA. It is also the only version of the P-16 series equipped with the Oerlikon 302RK. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in an accident and scrapped.



First, I will write down a few things about the name. This aircraft is often referred to as P-16-01, meaning the first aircraft of the P-16, but this is an error. After the end of World War II, various aircraft designs were developed in Switzerland. Among them were the P-14, P-15, P-16, and P-25 proposed by Dornier-Werke(Later, the Railway and Aircraft Manufacturing Department spun off and became FFA), of which only the P-16 was built. The P-16 also had several detailed designs, of which P-16.04 was adopted, so its official name is P-16.04. The Nummer.1 means aircraft number 1, and two P-16.04s were made, and this was given to distinguish them.

After the end of World War II, two aircraft development projects were carried out in Switzerland. One is F+W N-20 and the other is FFA P-16. The P-16 was designed as a ground attack aircraft, and an order for a prototype aircraft was received from the Kommission für militärische Flugzeugbeschaffung (Military Aircraft Procurement Committee) in 1951.

However, FFA had no experience developing jet aircraft, and development continued to be delayed. So the first test flight took place 19 months behind schedule.

On August 31, 1955, during the 22nd test flight, a problem occurred in the fuel supply system, the engine stopped, and pilot Hans Häfliger escaped using the ejection seat. The plane fell into Lake Constance and was destroyed, and the wreckage was salvaged and scrapped. Despite this accident, Switzerland ordered four prototypes.

Technical Data



Wing Span: 11.1m
Length: 14.2m
Weight: 6.5t
Engine: Armstrong-Sidley Sa-6a Sapphire (3,810kgf)
Max Speed: 1,010km/h


Offensive Armament
ㅤ2 × 30mm Oerlikon 302RK





Suggestion of P-16 Series


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