P-16 Mk.III 'X-HB-VAD': Final Work

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X-HB-VAD is the fifth aircraft of the P-16 project and the second of the Mk.III. This aircraft was scheduled to receive the J-3005 identification number, but did not do so due to cancellation of the project. This aircraft is ‘virtually’ the last of the P-16 series, ‘virtually’ because there was a sixth aircraft originally scheduled to receive the designation number J-3006. The sixth P-16 was never completed since the project was canceled when it was about halfway completed.



On June 2, 1958, when Congress decided to end the project, the aircraft was only 90% to 95% complete. This aircraft was originally scheduled to receive the J-3005 identification number, but because its first flight was later than the project, in 1960, it did not receive the J-3005 designation, and was instead assigned the civil aviation identification number X-HB-VAD.

Unlike the J-3003 and the X-HB-VAC (J-3004), the X-HB-VAD is equipped with a thick sheet metal blade wing made with 20,000 man-hours. This means that even though X-HB-VAC and X-HB-VAD are the same Mk.III, there are some differences between them.

The test pilot for X-HB-VAD was German Hans Bardill. The aircraft flew 19 flights for a total of 7 hours and 14 minutes. Unfortunately, this attack aircraft was not sold to other countries, which was a huge burden for FFA, which had invested significant capital into the P-16.

In May 1979, X-HB-VAD was disbanded and transferred from Altenrhein to Dübendorf, where it was officially transferred to the Dübendorf Flieger-Flab Museum on 8 August 1980. There, X-HB-VAD was completely restored using some parts from X-HB-VAC.

Technical Data



Wing Span: 11.14m
Length: 14.24m
Height: 4.26m
Wing Area: 30.0m²
Engine: Armstrong-Siddeley ASSa.7 (4,996kgf)
MTOW: 11,800kg
Range: 760km ~1,000km (with 2 × 450L Drop Tank)


Offensive Armament
ㅤ2 × Hispano-Suiza HS.825 (2 × 120)

Suspended Armament
ㅤ4 × 450L Feuerbombe
ㅤ4 × 400kg Sprengbombe
ㅤ8 × 200kg Sprengbombe
ㅤ16 × 50kg Sprengbombe
ㅤ60 × 8cm Hochpräzisions-Raketen (Flz Rak Oe)
ㅤ44 × 6,75cm Faltleitwerkeaketen (SNEB)
ㅤ2 × Flz Lwf LL 63 (AIM-9B)

ㅤ2 × 450L Drop Tank





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