Ozelot BR should be changed

Should the Ozelot be moved down to 9.3 again?
  • yes
  • no

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With the existence of the Gepard1A2, the Ozelot has no reason to be at an equal BR as that. this BR change for the Ozelot to 9.3 would also allow for a workable 9.3 lineup for Germany. As it stands now, the SPAA slot is the only one not fitting into the 9.3 lineup because there is no 9.3 SPAA for Germany.

I cross checked and the Strela is 9.3 with similar if not better capabilities (10G stinger vs 20G 9M37M). plus the Strela has a secondary which can at least knock down fences (lol) and a lower profile. not to mention that due to no radar and being on the Russian teams it places no RWR to the target aircraft which are already fewer than on its own side.

There is enough reason to undo the BR change of the Ozelot to 9.3 to warrant swift action in the next Patch.


if the reason for the Ozelot to be at 9.7 is its aize or thermals then thats silly. size and ground targets spotting capability are in no way reason for a dedicated SPAA to be considered better than another.

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which has since the start bugged stingers so you can only use the Stock (E) stinger… :(


Ozelot uses irst so it does not trigger rwr too.

The reason it went up is due to it getting a big uptick in usage after the big manual missile nerf they rolled out. If they fixed that, the ozelot would go back down with the next br update.

well i meant in the sense that at does give off the radar warning from its search radar

Yes there is it is called the Gepard, the 35mm doesn’t just magically turn useless at 9.3 even if it isn’t as good at shooting planes as Strela or Type93

Now i am confused. Were you talking about that strela or ozelot? I thought you were saying that the ozelot’s radar triggers rwr.

you picked up a bow and aimed for 7 minutes only to miss the mark entirely.
my argument still stands.
BR based lineups are the only way to play effectively without severe handicaps. and im not going to go into battle with a disadvantage to begin with. especially when ATGM lobbing helis are near invunerable at range with the tracking nerf from a while ago.


the RWR was about the ozelot. the non existece of RWR was about the strela

Ah. I wish the strela’s radar was decent. I find it hard to get it to lock. But when you do, it triggers their rwr so I just dont use its radar. At least the ozelot doesnt have that problem due to it using irst.

yeah it doesnt even have a tracking radar thats why

Yes, please, bring back Ozelot to 9.3

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Imagine USA getting a 9.3 AA and Ozelot still at 9.7… BRING BACK OZELOT TO 9.3!!!

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or give this to germany:

same this as japanese type 93 but with stingers


any news regarding this request? (moving ozelot down to 9.3)


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i just realised by up you mean, up to the top, as in of the forum list. nice pun

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No way Ozelot can be at the same BR as Type 93

Type 93 belongs to 9.7 with Ozelot actually, and so does Strela. These missile spammers shouldn’t really be in the same games as poor cannon planes like Mig15