Ozelot br 9.3

Why is the ozelot in 9.7? While the type 93 (much faster), the santal (faster, 12g missiles, better radar , 6 missiles ready to shoot , amphibie and better missiles ), the machbet ( 20mm gun ) and even the pgz04a (12g missiles and 4 25mm guns) are in 9.3? So why is the ozelot in 9.7 when the germans have many 9.3 vehicles and they already have an AA in 9.7 (gepard 1a2) much better?
Thank you for your reply and for all the work you do.

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Gepard 1a2 is not “much better” the ozelot is much smaller (harder to hit/see) and has way more missiles. the 1a2 gets 4 stingers which are not hard to dodge and have very inconsistent damage. And how can you bring up the type 93 and not the strela?

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prolly forgot about the strela, but this is a concern among german ground players who get dragged into upteirs when playing with their 9.3 lineup.
trust me, facing 10.7 in a 9.3 isnt fun.
plus, not having two 30mm close range autocannons should be a BR decreasing reason.
since the ozelot cannot engage targets at close range

there is a poll in this discussion, 66 people voted:
see for yourself.

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“The ozelot is smaller and harder to touch” are its only qualities, I’d rather lose 4 missiles and be able to go to a point with 2 cannons as protection than have to use my 8 missiles and wait in the Spawn for the game to end.

And the strela don’t have eccm


Can go to certain spots more quickly to hide and escape more quickly

Its wheeled (so Ozelot is way better in quite huge amount of situations).
And anyway, it isnt a huge advantage for a SAM. Specially because Ozelot is much better as SPAA than Type 93.

Type 93 have 3 crew and have 8 missiles ready to lunch and 8 other missiles so that means that in a type 93 you don’t nead to go to a point ti reload , the ozelot have only 8 missiles so that means that if you use all you need to wait for your team to go and cap a point but if your team is losing you can’t do anything , but if you are in a type 93 you Can go and cap point Realy fast

Sitting in one live without ANY armor. Even “cope-armor”.

It takes ages to reload this 8 missles in Type 93 anyway. And no. Type 93 dont have other 8 missles. Only 8 missles, that loaded.

It’s still better than 4 missiles

Ozelot have 8. Same as Type 93. Only difference is that Ozelot have 4 ready to launch and 4 to load, while type 93 have 8 ready to launch. But it isnt a huge advantage, cause Ozelot still have better missles and IRST

The 2 missiles are almost the same the 2 things that change is the guidance time ( ozelot 15s and type 93 10,5 )
And the explosive mass in tnt ( ozelot 540g and type 93 648g ) , I completely agree with all the arguments you give me but the thing is that all these specificities are minimal, the 2 vehicles are almost the same the major thing is just the fact that one has tracks and the other wheels so it’s more according to the player’s taste but I don’t see why the ozelot should have a br in addition when the santal , the pgz (better missiles) and the type 93 (almost similar) have more or less the same effectiveness as it.


The type 93 have a 1m proxy stock and for the ozelot you need to grind to have the fim92k

Yet it isnt working on Type 93.
Anyway Ozelot is better and its BR justified.

Yes inknow it have 8 missiles but only 4 ready to lunch

Not for me

Especially since the beginning we have been talking about the type 93 but I remind you that it is not the only one in 9.3 why not talk about the santal (better radar, faster, better survivability 6 mission 12g better in every way with 6 other missiles, better rate of fire and its best stock missiles) and of course it is not very important but it is amphibious which allows you to hide where no one can find you.