Ozelot BR should be changed

“Missle spammers” Lol. Make a slight maneveur to dodge type 93. Its not that hard.

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Why not?
Its literally the same type of system.
The only thing thr ozelot has is a radar that you cannot lock with.
And id be high if i think the ozelot is equal to the gepard 1a2

You can lock with the radar on the ozelot.

If they move the Type 93 back down to 9.0 with it again, Im all for it.


And its smaller. And radar is a really powerful thing, cause on Type 93 you need to look around with your eyes.
And well, somehow, despite being better IRL, type 93 rocket works worse, than stinger

No it doesnt. Plus with a 9.7 Type 93, please elaborate on exactly what lineup that fits in to?

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no, the radar is a pure search radar, the ozelot locks with IRST

strela does but not type 93 or ozelot. why?
strela has 20G missiles and no RWR warning

while i admit the radar helps, you cannot lock at near max range anyway plus the type 93 being worse in game is gaijins fault, i for one am all for realistic weapons capability

It has the ADAD installed which is only irst.

thats… what i said

The way you worded this implies that the search is not irst.

it seems i am unsure which ozelots had radar search and which had a IR search. ill look more into it

It doesn’t need to fit into anything, that’s absolute nonsense. 8 missiles that can be fired without actual reload is very strong when all the enemy can do is turn and hope the missile doesn’t know where it is The previous example of mig15 is great because it moves like a damn cargo freighter and it’s not the only plane at 8.7~9.0 that struggles due to their only real advantage being speed

Also the ozelot gets proxy stingers while the type 91 missles have to actually hit

a BR based lineup is vital for maximum performance

do the proxies work? i heard the gepards proxy stingers are bugged af rn

the gepard 1A2 is bugged because it for some reason cant equip the proxy stingers so its stuck with the ones that need to impact for some reason. Which i do hope they fix

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Right so your opinion is to nerf it to the point where it literally never gets used and may as well not exist in the tech tree?

Japans lineups are a good 9.0, a super gimped 9.3 lineup where the Type 16 is your only tank unless you have the Type 74G, or 11.0.

Ive tried the Type 93 in my 11.0 lineup, its useless. Jets are too fast and can fire from too far away, it cant lock helis especially at the range those helis can now sit, not to mention if you do manage to lock a heli those helis auto systems fill the sky with a million flares immediately. and its not like you can shoot at ground vehicles.

An SPAA that can literally only shoot at planes, has no radar so you have to find them with your eyes, and that plane has to be flying at the right angle to hit them because the missiles just dont have much pull, isnt that strong.