Over heating jet engines and engine degradation at 100% throttle

Is it normal for a jet engine to overheat at 100% throttle? Currently I have to throttle jet planes depending on the map air temperature. Example: F-80A-5 I have to lower throttle to 97% to prevent overheating on moderate temp map and as low as 86.2% on a hot map to prevent overheating.

wait till you get to the harriers


My question was sincere. Am I missing something? did these engines overheat and did they start destroying themselves within minutes of flight?

BTW, the harriers have to lower their throttle to 85.2 on a moderate temperature map to not overheat.

yes. I know. That was the joke. To answer your question, I have no idea if it is historical, but in game it is normal.

by the way, from experience I believe it is much closer to 92 percent.

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Earlier jet engines in general were prone very much to overheating.

Our understanding of engines at the time was rather rudimentary- we could get the basics down, but not much more. Engines were pretty limited to air goes in-compress with fan- haha faster engine go brrt. This rudimentary understanding includes design and material construction. You’ll see in a lot of later engines that they have stronger materials as well as are better designed for cooling, which is something that allows them to not only produce more speed, but not burn a whole through the materials. This is just my understanding of it however- I’m sure others could contribute much better.

So yes it is something that really happened and is real.

ok, ive noticed it even on the A-10A, F-5C and G.91 R/4 to name a few later jets.

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Just throttle back. If you have evidence that these engines should not act this way you can always submit a bug report. Community Bug Reporting System

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I think there is an over-simplifaction by Gaijin and that is resulting in some aircraft cooking their engines far more than they should.

Also war thunder generally has aircraft flying at much lower altitudes than they typically would for extended periods of time. Sea harrier cooks itself rather quickly at low alt, but is fine at medium alt

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I imagine its a non issue in arcade, but Its really problematic for longer matches in RB and especially in Sim

I don’t know about arcade or sim. But I can tell you it has never been a problem for me in RB. Just throttle back. What’s wrong with throttling back?

Throttling back when you dont have to is obviously not ideal. But thats not the question, the question is to anyone with knowledge on the issue is if this is normal and should be happening. Also, the effect it has on flight time is significant for some aircraft in RB and Sim.

The main aircraft I have issues with engines temps in is the Harriers. Especially the sea harrier. Whilst yes, throttling down does help, you have to actively and constantly manage your temps in a fight. Often fighting at 85% throttle and not 100% (and only briefly using 110%)

If something could be overhauled, then it would be a notable buff for a lot of aircraft

the sea harrier is going to need a lot more work than just fixing engine temps. The flight model is just so bad. You don’t pull anything at all, you lose all your speed regardless if you use vetol or not. When I asked someone about flying the sea harriers they just said if you want to fly out any of the short wing harriers you gotta just lay low, send off the missiles and RTB

Yeah, I don’t think something is right with them at all. (Though it’s apparently nearly perfectly modeled, except having too much thrust) Especially when you find out that sea harrier FRS1 actually beat F5Es in 1v1 combat rather easily and even beat F15As in 2v2 combat fairly consistantly

the harriers engines burn out if you go above 91% throttle, its not right but normal in game

If you hold primary information proving them wrong you might be able to challenge that by putting up a BUG report. something like " Harrier engine should not overheat as they do in game". It would benefit all of us…though to be honest the harriers probably be just as bad.

i dont have any information on the harriers to prove that its wrong but I very much doubt such an issue wouldn’t have been rectified while it was being developed at Dunsfold Aerodrome, or at least in later marks like the ones used in the Falklands or the American exports

Maybe one day a flight manual get declassified or something. Most manuals detail how much time you can spend pushing war emergency power. Most manuals would also state the max continuous setting sooooo maybe ?

not for several years is it likely, gaijin doesn’t respond to declassified documents or actual photographs of equipment a lot of the time either

Gunjob has one in the for the Mk106 on the FA2. Shouldnt cook itself quite as quickly as it does currently. But the others I dont know. I do have one in for the sooty exhaust though, that is totally wrong.