Over heating jet engines and engine degradation at 100% throttle

They might have the manuals over in:

They should overheat as they do. The behaviour is correct. Only the 106 on the FA.2 was wrong. Remember throttle and engine RPM aren’t 1:1. Maximum continuous RPM for most Pegadus engines is around 80% throttle in game. 90% throttle is the maximum power setting, after that it’s on the more limited time settings for takeoff and landing.


A lot of the times the US pilots have scenarios where their hands are metaphorically tied behind their back, which gives them better training and increases their allies morals by not just stomping them in war games. F-15A is completely superior to the harrier, and the harriers are strike aircraft no air superiority.

In this instance. F15As were not handicapped in any respect…in fact the sea harrier was. They didn’t even have their radar or proper HUDs installed yet

Go read “Sea harrier over the Falklands”

Was it WVR? Because then they were flying the F-15 wrong

No, This was 1980 ish so AMRAAM wasnt even cloes to in-service. But the Sea Harriers denied Aim-7 shots and then the fight went WVR

Damn, just to clear these were US pilots right? Or those SHar pilots were just that good/had some advantageous situation energy or weapon wise

Yep. They were some of the best, and most experienced SHar pilots, with years of experiences in other types.

You want Page 52. But chapter 6 is a good read (starts at page 44) Sea Harrier Over the Falklands - Commander 'Sharkey' Ward, DSC, AFC, RN - Google Libri

Damn that looks like a good read

Thank you!!!