Open Discussion for "how to balance the fox"

I’ll go first, for starters, we should maybe look at reducing the offroad maxspeed for the fox, as it’s extremely fast rn (a fox can cover 800m in about 5 seconds over dirt and grass last i checked)

second, just decompress 7.3 to 8.0, I feel like we really need start making more of a bracket for these slower ifvs and the faster ones, adding them all to 7.7 is just pure insanity rn, maybe like by moving all the tanks a br up to make more room for the older cold war tanks and the slightly more advanced tanks (just my opinion)

I thought arcade was a mess with nations being able to fight the same nation, but realistic is just begging for that cake

Compare it to nations with similar vehicles with what lineups they have and how they all differ and are similar. Then think should this vehicle be at the same br as this vehicle, what advantages does this vehicle have, do they balance each other out and from their see if certain vehicles under perform or are fine currently.

(Just my addition to this. Looking at Sub I-II next to AMX 10P and why one went up and the other didn’t. The closest vehicles imo to the fox are type 87, weisal, and btr 80.)

Additionally ground realistically needs like a 15.0 br or more to fully decompress stuff cause 7.x-8.x is very compressed


I don’t think there is a proper BR to place the fox or even the btr80a, because they are considered “rat” vehicles and both do well against the lighter armoured proto mbts and other tanks when presented their sides, imo the only prerequisite is to not let cold war tanks or modern tanks fight ww2 tanks

imo, between the btr80a and the fox, both which see each other very very often now at 7.3 and 7.7, the btr80 is much slower and often times whenever i play the btr, i find that the fox is already camping somewhere or is literally at our spawn, in a gun fight, the btr80a usually wins due to the firerate difference, but i mean the btr has no armour so it’s a knife fight anyways, HE could prob pen you…

the difference is the speed, which only the fox is able to match itself against, it’s way too exploitable rn given that there is no counter without overwhelming the 1 or odd 2 ifv players that experience the same problems (i’ve only played the btr80a, but just judging by the cocky habits of the fox and how fast they move around the map and how well they evaporate my team in an area, i prob already know how well it is in terms of capabilities beyond any other LT at it’s BR)


I really really hope that they decrease the rp costs and the repair costs of those future higher rank vehicles or else half the game’s content is impossible to grind or 80% of it’s players might just quit like these days based on what i’m seeing in queues these days

To add, the type 87 has 66mm pen apds and is slower than the fox but it does have a full stabilizer. Regardless i found it unplayable a full uptier and japan only.has that as a 7.7 so pointless. Regardless i dropped 2 nukes in it and have a positive KD. I think the btr honestly is fine at 7.3 because it fights so many heavy tanks and is itself slow. The fox has good apds and an aphe type shell which allows it to hunt both hreavy and light pretty well. Also size its very small and this helps with playing very rat like. The fox is in the same boat as the 9.0 rcv imo. The fox wont be balanced until it goes higher than 7.7 unfortunately. Also moving it up to 8.x will only mean it does better as thing get less armor.

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Please face foxes more i don’t think you have faced them enough

800m in 5 seconds is a speed of 576kph.

I think you are exaggerating a bit


God I wish it could reach those speeds without it sitting in the back of a C-130


ok not that fast, but still very very fast, imagine that it can cover Carpathians from their spawn to the hill cap looking into your spawn in the same time it takes you to spawn in a tank after you’ve died

I have said this before Maus and E-100 are the counters more armor then what the Fox can pen.
even in the rear.

The Fox is now faster than a Yak-7 in a straight line!


fox only goes 99km/h which I still think is to fast

thats RB AB it goes 110km/h

Clearly the fox is too slow, it should be breaking Mach 3!11!1!


You think 99km/h is a lot? Oh boy! Wait until you hear about its 105km/h top speed IRL!

*decompress everything

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the biggest issues with the fox are :

Basically silent… it should be MUCH louder.

It pens things it shouldnt, way too often

Its post pen damage is WAY too high

Its No armor should insta die to even machine guns, but it basically takes no damage to 50 cal and other machine guns


All the whining about the Fox makes me want to grind for it and get it.