One Spawn Quitters

There’s too much time and too many spawncamping threads in between for me to remember ^^

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No problem ,I cant either.

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now odl 4 in 6 minutes. in protest for the 7 minute blocking of the crew due to game crash

No incentive to keep respawning so why do it.

If my tesm is being stesm rolled due to ODL i will say in chat dont bother spawning as i want match to end and move onto next


I 1 death leave now at high tier/top tier.
Majority are cheaters, yolo players who never cap or help team, lemming trains, other 1 death leavers, people barely leaving spawn etc etc.

Fed up of being last alive and the only person who doesn’t throw their life away immediately.

So 1 death leave it is, i hate it but the other option is not playing high/top tier at all OR playing in such a way where i only care about kills and forget about my team or the objective. ( which is the exact opposite of my method.)

The matches at high/top tier seem very blasé and unengaging and so does the playstyle of others.

so if i do play, 1 death leave. Even if i can make a lineup of 6 or 7.

Shame, wish i didnt have to, but its just how the game is at high tier, infact, i often question why i playthat br at all, if even rarely.

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Today I had three KA50 overhead, on the spawn area. Hell I lost two spawn and no one would survive. In the meantime while we were trying to get out of the single spawn area other players begun to spawn camp on ground. So far so good - I left. There is no reason to offer free kills to people that have a childish behaviour.

Its worse when then kids get home from school. You can tell when USA get home u get them little checky gank squads. Sane mentality in ARB, hesd on Charlie 😆

Toptier is so broken. I don’t blame you for your decision. On the contrary, you shouldn’t wear yourself out emotionally so much that you’re totally exhausted afterwards.


And dont firget about event spam

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Distract from what? You make yourself suffer, say it’s fine but than complain about it.

I got the Object 292 so i know there will be lots more ODL, but whats new

I don’t suffer. That is your interpretation.

A lot of maps I leave after zero deaths. There is way too much BS in this game to force yourself to keep playing.


What makes you leave?

Typically maps like Jungle or Vietnam with extremely low ticket counts and which they have removed sniper spots are on my blacklist.


Many cap points are sniping positions

Poll, should I spawn on quit ? ( yes I know, there are some 1quitters, but you get my point )

Due to seeing other spawned again, I’d spawn again as well. But if they died and left after 1 death, I’d leave too.

So that my entire team was killed and only got 1 enemy ( remove my 5 kills ) doesn’t affect you, even if the next spawn is 95% chance to just die to a camper you will spawn, wow.
Will you spawn with tank or spaa ? Because you know, the team has no spaa so a plane can fly free but if I spawn the spaa then pretty much I am gonna be tank food

PS : I can also spawn an air vehicle, but for that I need aircraft/heli tree researched and you know that research means lot of time. The game is not really focused on long games/more spawns
PS 2 : the game is clearly over, a 2nd spawn is time and/or SL waste

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