One Spawn Quitters

depends on the player, I for one enjoy both low to top tiers. Just have to learn to adapt to different gameplay or playstyle.

You need to take into account that a lot of ODL players are premium or squadron vehicle players. The lower you go with rank the easier is to get tanks for lineup. Also players would mostly go for highest rank premium to have effective vehicle to help grind with entire tree. That is why ODL is much more frequent at high tiers.

less then 10 minutes in and we have so many 1 death leavers.

we are winning the match and even our best player quit after one death! its purely selfish.

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less then 5 minutes in

end result

notice that most of them are premiums, CV 90105, VRCC etc… lol yea, mostly premiums is what causing the ODL, then those who are using normal tanks have more deaths or refuse to spawn again with half the team gone resulting to more ODL. Really sucks to be with them.

And? People play game to have fun, not to make it fun some other random players on the internet. That is why I like to play like rat and focus on kills instead of win as it does not depend on other players. Only thing that ruins my fun is CAS but this is for me minimized by ODL. If your fun depend on actions of your team mates well then sucks for you I guess.


It’s a team based game not a battle royal.

In the 2nd match my entire team leaves less then 5 minutes in, it becomes a stomp where the entire enemy team pushes right into our spawn. Total match time is less then 7 minutes and it’s not fun for either side and results in less rewards overall.

I see more people complain about CAS which is a key part of the game and encouraged, where ODL is not.

I feel like both of these things are related to pure ground players tbh.

It is still just casual team based game. Not everyone cares about team play in those kind of games. That is why other games also have competitive match making along side of casual for more team focused gameplay with where you can progress through ranks.

You are also playing in premium black hole BR so you should expect that a lot of people have just one tank.


Never a more truly wrong statement made on this forum.

Everything wrong with this planet today is the inability to see what really is over what should be. Fact over theory.

I don’t care what any fantasist says the game should be its what it is that matters and like Highlander as far as winners go there can be only one.

If you want to put your loyalty out there join a squad .Give your manners, upbringing and respect for your fellow human being a real home. I am sure you will be appreciated but just dropping into a random WT game is not a team game and never will be.


Just increase rewards lets say by 15-30% for those that are active to the battle end or lost all vehicles (lesser % of this reward) and can spawn. Will make ppl wiling to take part more.

Also decrees by the same ammout rewards for ppl that leave after 1 death

Unless theres another Shitstorm nothings going to happen.

I’d love to get a statement from the devs on this one. Is this not a team based game?

Everything else is just unrelated nonsense.

I would too Cody. I can only read what I see and I see a game where its left for the player to interpret.

I hate to tell you you are wrong here as you should be right but it isn’t so in reality.
You sound like you would be a great and valuable squad player so sign up with a good one if you haven’t already.

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And there probably never be any shitstorm about ODL. Unlike economy changes, ODL does not affect all players.

Cannot make a reply or I get flagged. I am done with this game man this is getting crazy.

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You sure hes your best player that tank is premium, flavour of the month due to swedens performance atm

i love seeing this :D
there doing it right. no to skycancer

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I tried to be honest and think about why I ODL

1 Driving for ages in a WW2 slow tank that is new and unmodded only to get shot by a 1970s Fiat or some other Late cold war item I have no right to share a map with, just pisses me off ,Im gone. Big map in slow tank + Era BS vs Unspaded vehicles BS = ODL

2 A Tank so slow that I can only watch as the enemy or even my teammates are on 3 or 4 kills and I still haven’t even reached the front line. 'I’m out.

3 I getting CAS battered on my initial spawn and haven’t reached the action yet …F*** it !

4 The Uptier but not just any old up tier, the up tier into the future where a WW2 tank is catapulted into 1970…no thanks. 6BR is now joke and I dont find it funny.

5 I finally turn up ,get an enemy in my sights …Breech taken out (as usual) I am sat in a useless vehicle taking shots and cant even return fire…Goodbye.

6 Have nothing in my line up that suits the map I have been given. I know how its going to end, why bother,

OK so that is my list and your list may be the same or very different.

I will say though that if I am in a good positive mood( or slightly drunk lol) then none of the above will make me quit and I will just ride it and enjoy what comes so I think many of us can’t blame the game for the player just not being in the mood to play and accept the games faults.

Also watching others ODL or losing a game does not make me ODL either.

My overall view is that ODL is bad for me personally, it hammers my stats(if I care) and I am likely to deny myself what could have turned out to be a very good high scoring game.

This game however is frustrating and does not help somebody who is already in a foul mood. I’m still thinking mood is the big one.

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Game mode shoukd be called “Realistic Quitters”


Why should “best player” carry you and their useless team?

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