One Spawn Quitters

Quitting after 1 death multiple matches in a row should have 1 hour crew lock. Or make it consecutively longer each time it happens in 15 minute intervals maxing out at 1 hour.

What about players with 1 vehicle line up. Your not going to stop me or anyone else quiting after 1 death


same penalty, 1 vehicle is not a lineup.

I will do what i want, unless you want to pay me for my time

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U deserve to be penalized for not helping the team. 1 death quitting with less than 50% battle activity and get penalized with increasingly longer crew locks

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What if i carry the team with my 1 tank, whatnif i am on z team znd they all rush enemy spawn die, should i stay

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That’s why I said with less than 50% battle activity

You got no chance

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How about premiums?

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Yes because those are the worst offenders of 1 death quitting

Do you think gaijin are going to support your idea and stop selling premiums

You have premiums, so that makes you a hypocrite. Even the OP has premiums. Your all trash because its ok when its suits

I have flagged the OP due to the fact you all ODL, never heard so much scutter

I’m starting to consider doing that same lineup. I’d say 60% of my deaths in the past 2 days have been from planes, and while I can totally respect the guy who dodged (in what looked like almost-epic-wingripping fashion) 3 of my missiles before killing me, the other deaths were of the cheesed-from-earth-orbit variety which just really takes the fun out of playing ground.

To this date none of the pro-CAS side has managed to answer my question “how do you deal with one of those low earth orbit guys when your SPAA won’t see it on radar, IRST won’t lock it, and you can’t elevate your weapons high enough to get a shot off, without spawning in a jet”.


I think same should apply to people who can’t do 1 K/D in their vechicles


That’s the neat part, they can’t. There is no way to counter them without jet. You just have to grind entire air tree in order to counter something in “ground” battles.


According to Gaijin it is.

If enemy team has Sweden and Germany together just quit before even spawning once.

We don’t know as there isn’t any kind of official survey just lots of forum members speculating.

Yesterday i played few Tier 4 rounds and honestly i havent seen that much players leaving after 1 death. I think it only happens in top tiers where gameplay is totally different, way faster and a lot easier to die. Unfortunely top tiers in WT arent feeling very good to play or enjoy, it turns into call of duty of tanks a bit …

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