Ok, we had laughs, now lets get serious

I’ve recently accquired new big HD monitor and game became fun again.

I’ve suddenly started to see enemy tanks. It’s whole new world to me, i don’t have the need to play vehicles with thermals only. The 8.7 ru lineup is lately one of my favorite tanks to play. I started getting frags now.

But i’ve made a big mistake and i wanted to try low tier (3.7BR) german tanks.After all, why not? With new monitor i have fun now in this game.

But boy, oh boy i got kicked in the nuts by THIS GAME. The game is only playable for first 2 minutes. After that - you can just leave. The CAS spam is INSANE. I just had 3 or 4 battles in a row where all my deaths were because of planes. One battle i died 3 times - all by planes. Sometimes i just spawn and i got bombed within 20seconds, without even leaving the spawn area.

Higher tiers are much more ballanced, i was never considering a CAS to be a problem when i played 8.0+ - the SPAAGs are much more powerfull there and they can cover our sky, but at lowtiers? It’s unplayable.

If i was a new player, grinding my first tree and i would get a series of couple battles where i get bombed by some sweats in planes i would drop the game immediately. The game can’t be that frustrating. I mean, how we want people to not ODL if we have to deal with this crap.

I thought that spawn camping is kinda “bad”, but spawn camping in planes is another level.

So, the point is - When we will finally get Tank only game mode?

UgHhHh, iTs A sKiLL iSsUe - yeah, no, i’m not having that conversation here.

EDIT: We can talk before stona comes and closes topic for no reason, because Heavens forbid people to talk on forum

EDIT2: Or, to have a temporary solution - what is the lowest BR where CAS stop being such cancer?



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Never, you are playing a combined arms game and they have said it is staying a combined arms game.

It will get closed because you are complaining about CAS in a new thread when there are already threads made about it. Go there.

Either counterplay the planes or ignore them. Those are the two options. If you’re not good with early SPAA then use early fighters to defend the skies for your team since aircraft are more effective counters at low BRs. Combined arms solutions for combined arms problems.


Just ignore tank gameplay and go for planes.


Oh boy, anyone got that cas post meme image again?

In General to boot. Players not realising tank gameplay has aircraft in it in AB would be blind!

If only!

Aircraft were bombing tanks in the mode when I started in 2015, I did not drop the game until the game went full CoD on the ground, naval turned to battleships and bots, air turned into 16 v 16 fuzzfests. At least with the issue of aircraft the hint was from AB where the defensive wave gave you fighters. How people choose to play the game is up to them, you don’t have to like it as a LOT of people do.

Best of luck finding the Tank Only topic, gathering dust because people refuse to use it.

I have a solution for you
Enjoy your free kills :3

So remove ARB then?

But the point of playing tanks is to playing tanks? If i want to play with PzIV, i don’t want to be forced to fly BF109

CAS complaining at 3.7? That has the strongest SPAA relative to CAS in the game…

Higher BRs have stronger CAS compared to SPAA on average, with 11.3+ having CAS that’s literally unkillable.

Ohh a cool arguement. You can’t/won’t play SPAA in Ground yet you think people would In Air RB where planes would never have to get in range of you because the battlespace is massive and ground vehicles can’t cover any ground if they decide to move. I’m all about it, put player controlled ground units in, because NOONE would ever play them.

Air RB is combined arms, just in a way rhat makes sense. There are ground and naval targets scattered throughtout the map and killing them can win the game.

What? I play at 8.7 and ~10.0 and it’s ok - sometimes you get bombed, but SPAA keep the skies clear.

On the other hand, i got literally spawn camped by planes on 3.7. CAS is much stronger against tanks here

in ARB you only play with tanks. By that logic in GRB there should be only tanks and AI planes. Ok, i am all for that then

Where does it ever say that Warthunder has a tank only mode? The ground tree has SPAA for a reason, because you shpuld expect to see aircraft because it is combined arms. You are the guy at a donut shop demanding a steak, you don’t seem to be aware that what you want is not on offer at this establishment.

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Delfect away from the part of agument that completely destroys your little “put SPAA in Air RB”. Most of the players that fly aircraft out in GRB are basically bots to begin with, you just aren’t good enough to shoot them down. Those early pilots fly in a straight line for multiple KM to attack because they don’t have the skill to find and attack targets quickly. If you can’t hit a plane going in a straight line for so long you need practice.

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And You are?

Don’t make me laugh with such statments when anyone can check Your in-game profile.

If I, as a mediocre non-radar SPAA user, can easily frag CAS at 3.7, anyone can.
For USSR, there’s BTR-152.
For USA there’s M16, for Germany there’s the half-track, Britain has a light tank with 2 guns on it, Japan M16, China has M16, Italy has CM52, France has VTT DCA, Sweden has the hardest with L-62 ANTI II but still usable, and Israel 3.7 doesn’t exist.

I like the VTT DCA.

Most SPAA at low tiers are open top, meaning any rocket landing near them can overpressure them.

Really, destroying SPAA at that B.R. outside of its effective range is not hard and SPAA can’t do anything to stop it.

I use aircraft to counter aircraft at low tiers because they are much better at it. Combined arms solution to a combined arms problem.

Yes, I played early ground when I first started and was awful, and I haven’t returned to those BRs to use SPAA because of the statement above. I’ve never claimed to be good, yet I have less problems countering aircraft than much better players.

I haven’t seen an accurate >1km rocket user in well over a year, and I wasn’t the one they fragged.

So for a person who wants to play tanks, the only solution is to not use tanks. Sorry but TO should be a thing, so everyone can enjoy the game.

I’m talking about all Your stats, and when talking about having ‘less problems’ Your in-game stats prove that You have problem with most of the things You fight against.

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