Off Topic Discussion

alright no discussion about these topics. I just wanted to know what is possible because I don’t find the rules anymore

ok ok now rhat we can we should stay properly OT here

Ima be quick cuz I gotta get up at 3:50 in the morning

that PfP of the german soldier that seems to be so common now confuses me really

yeah sorry, i know what u mean i tried holding out as long as possible before changing to it, but that one was 1 of the main reasons for the BP for me

Haven’t changed my pfp in the 10+ years I’ve been playing lmao

it’s a Unicolour Olive Mich 2000 with Rails and headphones below it

the Mich was only ever used for Trials and headphones below it is sth ive never seen before and I Imagine it as rather uncomfortable

then the person is using an MP7 which is fine for a soldier of his Rank but the blue Dot sight on it doesn’t fit either

I occasionally changed mine but not often

Tho i miss the custom forum pfp and sigs also the special custom titles 😔

I bet moderating those would’ve been a lot more work than they like and I mean I get that but it’s still sad that we all look so similar now

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Yeah that’s why im happy with my in game PFP almost no uses it lmao

Smin confirmed its a fake

Identity Theft Is Not a Joke Flag - CollegeWares | Dwight Shrute

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Nice that crisis is resolved

99% of money that has been invested into NFTs has Developed into thin air



I saw a Toyota with a Mini version of the Naval Minigun AA Turret on it

but it was r/Airsoft so Ima not post it here

LOL the RxR has no post the last hour. After all these years I think we have abandoned it now

we’re boycotting it

lets keep it dead next Major and post rumors here


would be so funny