November sale has to happen ...right? (RIP)

so the least realiable source ever gotcha

will try to upload my wishlist for this sale soon.

Hah, good one, althought still not on the level of github datamine Aim9X :P

Well, I guess
I never saw this level of trolling there but there is 1st time for everything

@Smin1080p you wanna nip this rumour in the butt personaly as well? you denying the statement would be the easiest way

This is a fake screenshot.

You can always check the profile of any staff member to confirm if something was real or not.


thank you very much for confirming my thoughts

Ty and my apologies for being a gullible sucker



best case, make a screenshot of smins answer and add it to your thread and resolve it, you might make other people itchy and cranky that are to lazy to read throught the thread

Here my Grocery List for this sale:


Su-122P: 4880 GE
2S38: 9090 GE


Ho-Ri Prot: 6090
Type 75 MLRS: 8200
Ki-44-II Otsu: 850 (Done)


Khalid: 8910
MB.5: 3850
Sea Vixen: 8560

50.430 (-850) 49.580
-50% 25.215GE= 114€ (24.790 GE)


A6E TRAM: 34,99€?


Guys people have already been posting screenshots from the console sales, how you gonna fall for that?

My grocery list;

180days premium, thats that

Nice, I still have quite a few months left from my Store Bundles. Just bumped it up again after the Vidar release, I just had to have it. Didn’t preorder though.

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shame i didnt have time trough the LOSAT crafting event, else i would have more liquid for possible purchases, i can start the chinese tree soonish, i have the CT-CV 105HP in the backhand as well for future premium time with hopefully it raises in its price

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My resources are also very limited now that I have an 8h job. From those 997€ I get every end of the month, almost everything gets wasted by bills. Rent is already 650, another 50 for that german train ticket etc. I do get additional 300, but only on the 15th every month. Kinda sad that with a paid education I am poorer than with voluntary work. Makes me not want to pull an 8 hour job at all…

Sorry, getting political here.

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dont tell me , same country burgergeld is ridiculous


Unrelated but a bunch of discounts just appeared on the tech tree and PS Store

Who cares??

PS store was already since a few days, but psn already having the tech tree sales that is intresting news

Sale is late again this year?