Off Topic Discussion

Next crisis please!@

our rumors are Off topic so might as well stay hwre and turn this thing into Part 42 by the time the Christmas updats drops

I want a flame war uwu

I want flame tanks like the Stuart Satan and Matilda Frog

Henceforth ye shall be known as War Thunder General Forum Chat.

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War Thunder Crossroads Local Chat

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This mean I can post my train pic again !


I love trains, and approve of this message.

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We are the new RR&D thread.

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How about a short video of a loud whistle ?


RR&D is dead. Long Live Off Topic Discussion


I prefer howling


I dont know anything about trains but people take this place way too serious so +1 for innocent fun

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Ngl I love the clanking of the rods and the banging of the coaches when they hit a gap in the joint.

It just so relaxing

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I mean here and there won’t be much different someone posts a leak or news talking about it until a sub-topic shows up and the ball rolls from there.

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Speaking of vehicle sounds, why the hell does the Object 211 sound like a lawnmower?

or we get @Deathmisser of the New Tech tree tagent.
or a Brit main show up and well we all know what happens.

And I got her wheel slipping hang on !

T-64’s and 2S25&25M do too.

Godzilla sounds