Off Topic Discussion

Here I know it’s wasn’t big in the video but it was so good in person

You know what Death to the RxR this is the new cool room !

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lol bandicam. You need to up your recording and editing game. xD

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I wasn’t going to be able to post this for a while, but I’m going to now!

Ru Navy demo of Blue 43 and Blue 45 (Sevastopolsky and Irkutsk) at MAKS 2017 :)

It what I had on me plus it’s an easy way to by pass the 4MB limit

I use OpenShot, and I carry a GoPro for my random recordings. YouTube just rocks when you get the compression settings set.

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I will take a note of that

Ohhh I just saw this. I like it.

In the fifth message with those Arab Toyotas they already broke the only rule that existed in this offtopic lol lol

I’m going to bookmark this place.

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I think this will be a new home for many people now :)

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Just remember, when the actual updates come out, we are only discussing rumors and updates here. We can’t actually go off-topic, that would defeat the purpose. ;)

It be the off-topic thread. It gets off-topic

How can anything be off-topic if there isn’t a real topic to begin with?

Don’t be bringing the topic into the off-topic thread. We’re already off that…

I like the purposes image

(I miss emojis)

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I mean look this thread has 217 comments imagine that on the RxR after Smins warning we all would be doomed

Can I even derail this thread?

no thats the beauty of it

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There are no rails here!

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Was it even on the rails to begin with ?

As this isn’t even a railway lol

God damn it