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says who…?


Common sense…? I could also do it like y’all do it and just go “because I said so” when arguing against the addition of Dutch vehicles to Germany’s TT. This goes both ways.

Again, what other 140mm prototype will go to Germany’s TT otherwise, do enlighten me (50% chance you will talk about that 2AV based “prototype” that likely never existed, and a 50% chance you will just mention the KF51 that will outperform everything to such a degree where 90% of people will want it removed).

Fair enough on the ADATS though.

It isn’t common sense when Gaijin hasn’t stated anything about more Swiss vehicles destined to go to the German tree. When they do, then fair enough, but they haven’t.

Stop dodging the question. What other 140mm prototype will go to Germany’s TT (with Obj 292’s addition, those vehicles will start appearing en masse sooner or later after all).

As of today, the Swiss Leo 2-140 is the only choice, no other option exists apart from the KF 51 (3s reload, better firepower, significantly better optics yada yada).

There is no dodging around the question. If Germany doesn’t have a 140 mm prototype, then Germany won’t get a 140 mm. Unless they get a Swiss subtree, but we, don’t, know.


Right, so just throw Germany under the bus when everybody else will receive those? As expected from the guy who believes BeNeLux not lacking proper top tier won’t be an issue.

Who am I kidding, everyone and their mother is already aware the Swiss are going to Germany :D

That thing never existed in proper sense. It’s a mock-up with no real capabilites apart from the cannon itself (I was the one who gave information to the creator of that thread on the vehicle).

Strv 2K invites you to its club, will you accept the invitation?

Jokes aside, it’s Pz 87-140 or bust.

sure thing, i’m sure it’ll fit

I’d love to have it in game but it won’t be a thing at least until Gaijin runs out of possible additions.

that tech tree has many fictional vehicles in it, just saying

So another 😴 tt without future

ahh… german mains…

Now try applying the same paper-vehicle treatment to US. It would be 4 times the size of this lol

Your only counter-argument is the fact someone created a fan-TT? Right. Even better is how some of the vehicles in there were only mock-ups on the level of NKpz-140 lol, meaning Gaijin wouldn’t implement them anyhow.

I’m a cool vehicles main. Not a nation main

This lad will call anyone a German main when they state that XYZ TT has no future, been there, experienced that.

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My counter-argument is that Gaijin still never said more Swiss vehicles were destined to go to Germany