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Rafale M F.1 didn’t have a gun did it?

Rafale A was non-functional. Further, M2K-5F serves its purposes for now and would do just fine with 6 missiles when fox 3s come.


I’m not surprised JAS39C Gripen C from swedish coming to first major update 2024 but not sure it’s Gripen C batch 3 with PS-05A/Mk3 radar (JAS39C Early) or Gripen C upgrate to MS20 standard with PS-05/A Mk.4 radar (JAS39C Late)

F/A-18C Early (1991) or F/A-18C (1993)

Unsure F/A-18C from finnish air force might be F/A-18C basic or F/A-18C MLU 2

Sukhoi Su-33 armed active radar homing BVR MRAAM ?

I guess Chengdu J-10A located after Shenyang J-11 & Shenyang J-8F if receive BVRAAM PL-12

Mirage 2000-5F MkII, Mirage 2000-9 on the fighter line before Rafale C variants;

Mirage 2000D R2, Mirage 2000D RMV on the Striker line before Rafale B variants,

Super Etendard Modernisé (SEM) on the end of a “naval” line that i wish to see appear, before Rafale M variants.

Plus other Mirage 2000s exports variants.

Either air, ground or navy we are totally futureproof, without copy pasta like 90% of other nations :p

F.1 did, LF.1 didn’t

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Right seeing as you all wanted it, heres another (better?) version)



It’s a fun list but that USSR F-14 got me


Yea, that would give US mains seizures

That’d be one of the few positives if you ask me

I love it

Since it’s Christmas eva, it’s that time of year again


In fact Mirage 2000-5F in fracne tech tree it’s pure fighter but it might not multirole fighter

Mirage 2000-5F Mk.2 it might be pure fighter like Mirage 2000-5F ?

Not surpriced another Mirage 2000D after Mirage 2000D-R1 in the future

You guess in the future gaijin add another Mirage 2000 under Mirage 2000-5F but before Rafale C F.2 after this year ?

I’ve just noticed the new ground rank VIII has effectively walled me off buying the Leopard 2A5 with 200k RP invested

thanks very cool

Merry christmas everyone :D


What do you mean…?
Actually the -5F is the best multirole/ground attacker for France, acting better than the 2000DR1.

Joyeux Noël !

25th of december, lets see if snail gives on this magic day>

Yea, nope


Merry christmas lads :)


3 suggestion move to Suggestions Passed to the Developers 2 hours ago

But unsure F/A-18C from Finnish Air Force might be F/A-18C basic or F/A-18C MLU 2

I guess gaijin might considered at least 2 suggestion from this leak in 2024


Someone at gaijin clearly took note of my list :D

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