ROCA AH-1W Super Cobra

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Republic of China (Taiwan) Army (RoCA) Bell AH-1W SuperCob… | Flickr

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra (ROCA)



The final variation of the Super Cobra line, the Bell AH-1W Super Cobra, was developed as a twin-engine configuration of the Cobra and a further enhancement of the Sea Cobra. The twin-engine design of the AH-1W was specifically aimed at improving safety during operations over water, as mandated by the United States Marine Corps. Equipped with General Electric T700-401 turboshaft engines, each producing a continuous power of 1,700 SHP, the AH-1W had the capability to reach up to 2,082 SHP for a duration of 30 minutes. Notably, the AH-1W was equipped with advanced features such as a laser designating system, thermals, and the ability to mount AIM-9 Sidewinders and AGM-114 Hellfires.

In 1984, the Republic of China (ROCA) expressed interest in acquiring a dedicated gunship helicopter for its army. The ROCA considered both the MD500 and the Bo 105 for this purpose. Under the program led by Lu Peng, the ROCA aimed to upgrade its helicopter fleet and submitted a request to purchase 18 AH-1W Super Cobras, along with OH-58 helicopters. The official order was placed in February 1992, and the initial delivery of 9 AH-1W helicopters took place in April 1993. Subsequently, several batches of AH-1W helicopters were procured and delivered to the ROCA, totaling 42 helicopters by the mid-1990s. In 1997, an additional order for 21 AH-1W helicopters was placed, with the final delivery completed in 2001.

The 601st and 602nd Air Cavalry Brigades, located in Longtan and Hsinsher respectively, were assigned the AH-1W Super Cobras. Furthermore, AH-1W helicopters were also operated by the Aviation Training Command in Kueijen. As of 2020, the ROCA still maintains a fleet of 61 AH-1W Super Cobras, out of the 63 received, with two helicopters lost in accidents in 1999 and 2009. The AH-1W continues to serve as the primary attack helicopter for the foreseeable future of the ROCA.

Technical Data



Crew - 2 (Gunner/Pilot)

Fuselage Length - 13.3m

Whole Lenght - 13.6m

Width - 3.3m

Height - 4.1m

Main Rotor Diameter - 14.6m

Tail Rotor Diamter - 2.97m

Max Takeoff Weight - 6,690 kg

Engine - 2 x General Electric T700-401 Turboshafts (1,553 kW each)

Max Speed - 352 km/h

Range - 587 km

Rate of Climb - 8.2 m/s





Engine Exhaust Infrared Suppression

Night Targeting System Thermal Camera

AN/AVS-6 Helmet Mounted Night Vision

Laser Rangefinder + Laser Designator

Turret Mounted 20mm M197 3 Barreled Gatling Gun (750 Rounds)

76 x 70mm Hydra 70 Rockets

8 x BGM-71 TOW-2A/B ATGM

8 x AGM-114K/M Hellfire II ATGM

8 x AGM-114C Hellfire ATGM

2 x AIM-9M Sidewinder
2 x AIM-9S Sidewinder



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File:ROCA AH-1W mounted One AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile in Gangshan AFB  20111015.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
台南歸仁陸軍航空指揮部AH-1W眼鏡蛇攻擊直昇機~ | AH-1 眼鏡蛇攻擊直昇機| Joey | Flickr556 | Bell AH-1W Super Cobra | Taiwan - Army | ECHO | JetPhotos
this one would make a good GE or Task camo ^
File:ROCA AH-1W mounted One AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile in Gangshan AFB  20111015.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

^ROCA AH-1W Mounting Aim-9M^



ROCA Bell AH-1W Supercobra
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Republic of China (Taiwan) Army (RoCA) Bell AH-1W SuperCob… | Flickr
AH-1W Super Cobra
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