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Wtf why

do you got a link for that?

quickly on that, I don’t understand why talking about the warfare there with Politics aside is also Against TOS

That is against the community guidelines

Is this true?

No i got it from here if anyone can confirm that would be nice


Lol they don’t want people to buy the moved vehicles

like it teaches some realities about the real modern technology and it’s performance

its a fake Profile - Smin1080p - War Thunder — official forum


The can’t do this to me! I’ve been waiting for like 2 months now.


I was planning to get the Japanese F-4 : (

what if they provide more realism to the game like tank performance or vehicle placement.

RUH ROH SHAGGY!@ (Yes it is a complete post dang forums)

Ok good. 😅

Who ever made that shouldn’t get the sale


How can a fake profil could have “CM” roles?

Perhaps he removed the post?

photoshoped message from smin

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