Object 292 unbalanced

not that kind of atrocious

My bad then.

yeah well after seeing all the foxxo bs dont blame ya

Then don’t?

I didn’t claim you had subpar english? I’m talking to sausage, and again, you interjected.

I’ve been replying hit for hit to you perfectly fine before and after I mentioned Sausage’s horrible english. Does it look like I have nothing left?

Then there shouldn’t be an obligation for it to be understood… Again, when you’re posting crap like:

You’re going to get flak for it.

I couldn’t care less tbh.

Have we been stopped?

It’s hilarious how you act like a victim… Tit for tat, if you want to be sarcastic, I’ll make jokes about your literacy if you fail to uphold some semblance of intelligibility.

You clearly hadn’t, so I jokes about it.

I didn’t attack your person? I went along with your argument until I understood what you said, and ended on equal footing.

Hypocrite much?

Here is another example of a tank making the Abrams look like a piece of junk . Just shot a leopard 2A4 in the side of his turret . A kill shot u think ? NO WAY , the very tank I shot in the side of his turret received 0 damage , turns and kills me in 1 shot . He should have been killed . It is impossible to win if u shoot a tank with a kill shot but get killed by the very tank u just shot

This topic is about the 292

No, only America matters. Being a bad player, holding W without thinking and then getting killed?
If the Abrams were properly modeled (completely impervious to anything), he wouldn’t have died.

This is important.

They should consult Necron on how to play the Abrams, that guy literally has 5.0-6.5 KDR on all the Abrams variants he played lol

it has nothing to do with how good someone playes this game . the german tanks are one thing but the russion tanks are just as bad. Abrams M1A1 at 11.0 shoots a object 292 at 10.0 in the side of the hull at close range , he’s dead right ? no frigen way . He recived 0 damage then shoot and killes me .How can they make a game where one side is inpregable . If you can’t build a game where the play for both sides are balanced then you should get into a different business. To frustrating to do everything right with a 11.0 tank shot a 10.0 tank in the side of his hull but do 0 damage . Unplayable!!!

This sounds more like aiming issue Or gaijins volumetric
happens to everything :)


the problem is its a aluminum can ingame instead of a tin/steel one

and im surprised nearly 2 mo later this thread is still goin lol

bro, if you dont know how to deal with the object 292, just try to shoot its barrel, then flank it. 292 is not that difficult to kill

Don’t forget the sick joke that is the A-4E with TV guided weapons at 8.7. Yet people cry russian bias.

eating the shells like theres no tomorrow


something interesting the driver viewport has up t0 900mm armor in some places… :))

That is called volumetric and is present on almost every vehicle in the game. I would even say Western top tier tanks have more of it than Russian ones. Volumetric bugs, that is.

I’m shocked it isn’t moving to 10.3 in the new changes to be honest.

Complaints about SU-25K

But keep quiet about A-6E TRAM

People are double standards lol it just happens I am also one :p