Object 292 unbalanced

they need to sell more of it before they do that :P

only with DM33 and 53 im able to penetrate this fucker in the driverport or lowerfront. dont know how leopard2av is placed at 10.3 and this one aint


i hate both but i have a special hatred towards the A6ETRAM and their orbital bombings

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i just have a special hatred due to the fact they can just be casually orbitting 10 km in the atmospthere and throw a bomb at you and the same goes for the SU 25 BM and the KH 38’s its so annoying to fight it

SU-25BM doesnt have KH 38’s. Sm3 have those.
It would be quite unfair to have those in 11.0.


Exactly what happened, I’m researching the vehicles i skipped for germany rn and I’m playing a lot of 9.3 and i see a 292 every couple of uptiers. Not even every uptier

The 11.7 su25 has the Kh38, the Kh29 is what you’re thinking of but they have far less range and their guidance isn’t anywhere near as good

Play SPAA or Counter CAS

yeah its specially cool whenever i play spaa and they dont have enough range to get cas or if i use planes i get shot down by an enemy pantsir and cant do anything about it


Fair point honestly, I’m finishing Germany rn just going down the SPAA line and i currently am at the Ocelot, i can’t lock heli’s unless they are within 1.5mi and the 3.11 mi range doesn’t allow me to counter CAS jets at that br if they are using ranged munitions

yeah ozelot its good as a backup with another spaa but not as an active spaa against helis

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Its awful against heli’s

yeah absolutely horrible is that i why i bring the flarakpanzer for this role