Object 292 unbalanced

I do agree that the barrel tip is made of vibranium, no idea why it bounced two DM23 shots from Leopard 2A4.

Quite opposite.

What im saying is Relikt coverage on T-90M i s overall superior.

Yes but hull armor has also better coverage with ERA.

In already watching him Cherry picking something off what You just said

I’m taking what he’s saying at face value. It’s near impossible to understand his sub-par english

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And what I was saying is that the T-90M uses the same 1989 T-72B hull array.

You decided to butt into an already stagnant conversation that had reached a conclusion. What you have to say on it has no bearing to what my point was, and you saying “Relikt coverage on T-90M i s overall superior.” is irrelevant.

As I agree with.

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He is speaking to You normally is not hard to understand the issue here is that You arent thinking straight because You are taking it too personal

Oh didnt realized i was talking to shakespeare, my bad.


Yeah, I’m not the one thinking straight… Not you…?

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You’re talking to another normal person among illiterates.

Read through Sausage’s comment history really does make me feel like shakespeare… No, wait, actually… It makes me feel like Homer
And I’m comparing it to Cormac McCarthy here.

And i couldnt care less tbh.

İ have hundreds of replies in this forum, aside from Mig23M you’re the only person who claims i have subpar English.

This is one of the cheapest tactics you can use against other person and it usually means you got nothing left in your pocket but low key insults.

No one is perfect and everyone is free to make mistakes. There is no obligation to speak and write perfect English,as long as you can understand what other person tries to tell you then it should be fine.

Is English is my native language? No
Am i allowed to make mistakes? Absolutely

Now if you can stop bein arrogant prick i believe we can continue to our discussion.


not even going to bother to respond; he wants to attack my english too, i made a sarcastic joke to call out on his lack of thinking behind what he said, which was the fact that i explained that a change from kontakt 5 to relikt means it is more armored, and instead decided to use my purposefully made bad english on the joke as a way to attack my person, not my argument, i wont even bother to argue anymore if the only thing he is going to be doing is his “counter argument” with desperate attempts of gaslighting not only me but panther too

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Yea dont bother, im planning to do the same.

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worse of all, even though english is not my native language, i never got a proper education in it, and the only reason i know english at this level is through videogames.

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jerk off less

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i dont even know what this conversation is abt

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Then why did you replied in the first place.

foxxo got pissy that we called him out for saying atrocious stuff, like saying the ERA dosent affect the composite profile when it does

also panther chill out a bit he was just joking

*reply, message was long winded so i did what i do best

i say atrocious stuff dont conflate