Object 292 is overrated

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It bothers me that everybody and their sisters say it is OP and needs to be raised to 10.7, I mean you can see I have skill issues with it, the gun is a little bit overrated/overkill as you might as well settle with 3BM42 because that is more than enough to OHKO anything you see and reload 3.5 seconds faster with T-80B.

How the hell do you play this damn thing? despite giving extra effort to play well, it isn’t something you can master as easily as Leopard 2A4, the gun handling is shit (similar to most T-80s), especially the vertical speed, probably the worst gun handling at 10.3 as the T-72s has better gun handling in that department, which technically what gets me killed most of the time, couldn’t point my gun at the target on time lol at this point even my M1 Abrams perform slightly better, maybe the 292 doesn’t suit my playstyle at all.


Shot a Leo 2A4(?) into the turret cheek and nonpenned, got destroyed. The 2A4 gets over 2 meters of turret armor thanks to volumetric. Unplayable due to insulting Developer incompetence.


It is usually because many people will only look at one stat.

They see the pen and assume that everything else about the vehicle is just as good.


Don’t care about TS. The tank is absurdly difficult to fight as a 9.3-9.7 in a lot of cases due to extremely trolly armor, trolly damage model, and a railgun. It isn’t balanced facing 9.3-9.7 more so than any other 10.3


Armor and damage model is also incredibly good in its matchmaker

What is?

I wouldnt say incredibly good. Decent though.

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nope. Incredibly good. The tank in a downtier is just a T72B 89 regarding armor that also has all of the advantages of a T80 chassis such as the much improved mobility.

Obviously some tanks will be exceptions do not bother bringing them up.

Based on my observation, there is a ton of players who can’t perform in any other tanks, somehow managed to have 2 KDR in their object 292, while their second-best performing vehicle has like 1.2 lol maybe I’ll try to hold W and see if it goes up, but like how can I play like that with 10 seconds reload at 10.0+ game lol

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The T-72B obr.1989 has one advantage which it can set its gun lower as I saw the game code says “pitch” -5.67 which I believe is the gun depression, that’s nearly -6 which allows it to use many spots to hull down where you would find T-80s having difficulties to lower their gun enough to point at the target, all the T-80s variants and the UD which is only -5, but I need to double test it to see if I can use the same camping spot, 10.3 onwards only two USSR mbt has good gun depression, the Moderna and T-90M.

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Because people mostly claim effectiveness of the vehicle by raw stats. I’m sure that people talking about “”“OP”“” vehicles doesn’t even own it or played below 100 matches on it.


This point i can conceed. Honestly, this isnt something that i notice due to how i fight t-xx tanks so i often forget about such things.

You have to play it more like a td. I usually go for flanking route.

That’s the thing, flanking will be more effective when using tanks with quicker reload, example Abrams will be the best out of them all due to 5 seconds reload timer, then followed by Leo 2 and T-80, Object 292 will be dead last in terms of effectiveness, even I wouldn’t spawn the 292 when our spawn is surrounded by enemies, I would use the T-80B to kill two or possibly three enemies sitting in our spawn, with the 292 I think I wouldn’t be able to fire the second shot off without losing the invincibility. I think the HE is what makes it stand out, for long-range maps you can play around with the binoculars and range finder then switch to gunner sight to manipulate the bullet arc while sitting behind the cover, that way you can hit someone but they can’t hit you back. Actually, I find the 125mm HE is potent enough to cause overpressure, the 152mm has a higher probability due to more explosive fillers but the reload time trade-off for the most parts isn’t worth it.

Maybe I made a mistake by playing it in a way where I would engage enemies head-on, I mean with a gun like that why not? you just center mass anything you see which has a higher probability of OHKO compared to shooting someone in the side armor.

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All you have to do in the 292 is play in strong positions with strong sightlines and abuse the strong armor/gun. Don’t play agro

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The armour becomes much worse at 11.0, especially when there’s the T-80UM2, but I think the Object 292 would be fine at 10.7.

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obj292 is the same case as vidar

It is fine, and does not overperform, but people see big gun that oneshots them, so they cry for nerf because thier feeling are hurt.


A-4E is also pretty overated

Ok, I’ve improved a tiny little bit, maybe I was in a full day of not getting bombed by CAS so it somehow put me in a better mood so I performed better hnnnnnnggggghhhh

What 10.3 isn’t difficult to fight in a 9.3? What tank doesn’t suffer in an uptier?

No ERA and massive ammorack. If you aim you can oneshot the 292 easily.

The 400mm pen most tanks around 10.3 have is more than enough for any tank at that BR.

The 292 does NOTHING good except firepower.


This applies to every single tank in the game. If you put any tank in the same place as the 292 they will perform better.

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