Object 279 BR

Okay it’s just a joke, setting 279 at 9.0 is a terrible idea, its decent at 9.0 and good at 9.3 but it’s terrible at 9.7-10.0. It was good at 8.7 and balanced because he was fighting tank that can pen him and that he could destroy. I don’t even know why people saying it is op, it is not armored at all, just learn where to shoot and so you can see that 7.3 + can easily pen him with Heat and tanks with APDSFS can easily one shot him. IS-7 is at 8.3 it is far more OP so why not Obj. 279 back at 8.7 ? I hope it will happen you just can’t face 120S, Chally ect… What are you thoughs ?


All vehicles suffer against vehicles +1 br above them, that is the point. This has to be a troll post if you think the 279 isnt armored.


You can’t be serious. The Object 279 is ridiculously well armored. It’s doing just fine.

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The armor is indeed quite unreliable, that applies to pretty much every vehicle above 8.0. You get blasted with 350mm pen APFSDS that turns into 3 million spalls and oneshots your entire crew or you lose them one by one to 400mm pen HEAT. It’s not about that armor though, it’s also fast and has absurd firepower for a vehicle of it’s kind

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Nice joke pal, thanks to your irony you made me smile :')

Now,grow some thumbs and accept the fact that the 279 is fine at 9.0 and should remain there or go to 9.3


IMO the 279 as a tank performs just fine at 9.0. The main downside to it being 9.0 is that you are now within matchmaking range of the T-72 TURMs. Being in matchmaking range of premium tanks is a recipe for constant uptiers, and for those premium players to largely abandon their teams by one death leaving.

A tip for 279 players: Reduce your ammo count so that only the ready rack is populated. With a full load it is like every square inch of space within the crew compartment is stuffed full of ammo. Reduce that ammo count so that you are more likely to survive being penetrated by an APFSDS round that defeats your hull armor.

It’s as armored as IS-7.
Always got lolpenned by HEATFS.

If you have troubles penning IS-7/279 with HEATFS… lol

Lmao no way. It’s so much better than the IS-7 or T-10M so there’s no reason so have them separated by 0.3BR. If anything the T-10M should move to 8.0 and the Object 279 to 9.3. The 279 has more side armor than the T-10M has frontal armor.

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It’s an IS-7 with a stabilizer and ever so slightly more speed.
279 gets lolpenned by 105mm HEATFS.

Has armor when facing downtier vehicles, yes. Just like any other heavies in a downtier.

Can occasionally bounce one or two hit from 8.7s? yes. But don’t roll that dice, I’ve killed by T-55M a lot.

Can afford to take a hit from 9.0? Very unlikely, Your entire ufp and turret ring area is a weakspot for something like the TAM2IP or T-69IIG.

Can’t afford to take a hit from 9.3s, you can’t let something like the T-72 shoot you even once, 90% you wouldn’t survive any hit.

Against 9.7s no need to say, play it like it has no armor because you will not bounce any, do the same with 10.0s, it’s a br where you can’t afford to be spotted first, you start seeing a lot of light tanks like Wolfpacks where your ammunition goes through them and fails to detonate lol

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You can tell the only people arguing against an uptier actually own this thing. Anyone who has to fight against it knows better.


You don’t even have it, it’s just a skill question, 7.7 can easily destroy it.

stats says nothing i have it since 2020

No it isn’t well better, you have none wdym ?

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if u don’t have it, I don’t think you can say something about it’s armor but it’s interresting to see that people who face it says it is armored but it is not at all and less good for its br compared to IS 7

Most people who have it say its not good at its current br but sending it back gonna blast all lower tanks but when it face toptiers it will struggle specially when you have just ess and no thermals a longer reload and armors not gonna work that much cause you face good rounds and missiles I think its just one of those tanks that cant be balanced easily better leave it as it is untill more tanks with similar power come to the game

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Why is that? I can read about the numbers, compare them to other vehicles, and get an idea of how the vehicle will perform. I also have played against them as I mainly play 9.3 US as of lately. The idea that you can’t make judgements about a vehicle you don’t have is rediculous. Like knowledge can’t be gained/used if you don’t have that vehicle.

Keep in mind that weapons being able to defeat the vehicle is not a lack of armor. There have been times when armor is superior to weapons and weapons superior to armor. Just look at the protection analysis against it’s own APCBC ammo, which is quite high penetration for a full caliber round. Look at these pictures, one from it’s own APCBC round and one from a 9.3 MBT-70 APFSDS.

It IS armored. just like every other tank around 9.0, HEATFS can pen it, nothing new there. Only the best APFSDS can pen it below 10.0. APHE shells stand no chance except for a cupola shot because only a few guns have that much penetration with APHE rounds.

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This vehicle is fine where it is, I play this vehicle quite a bit because I like these style of vehicle.

thats just completely false dude.

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Explain how you’re going to kill it hull down… I went back to the protection analysis and it is quite difficult to make a level shot that will destroy the ammo, a shot from that APFSDS won’t destroy the breech with one shot, won’t spall enough to kill the crew or the ammo, and has to directly pass through the ready ammo for a kill. I suppose I will reword my statement for clarity. Only the best APFSDS will be able to penetrate areas that deal meaningful damage consistently if the 279 is used correctly. Better for you?

I also see now why people say the protection analysis is wrong… I used the same M48 as you did and got different results on the heatmap. This picture is the PT-76B which will not pen those areas at all.

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