Obj 120 br 8? It is not fair

Normal Gaijin behavior sell it leave it for some time then start messing with it implement a new premium then nerf it to the ground

It does not deserve to be at 8.0 total bs balance with the implementation of other SPGs in the game at 6.0 that HE everyone with Mgs, faster autoloader , AA ammunition + HE that can 1 tap every think even 3 to 4 BRs up

Early APDS-FS shatter alot

HEAT-FS unreliable

HE good on paper exept less TnT equivalent so forget of 1 taping Heavys

No Mg

No Stab

No AA amunition

1hitted most the time

Pointless at 8.0 better to play Leo1 faster reload smaller target better ammo faster

Right now Gaijin has put new premium at 8.0 Vidar

Have MG have AA ammo Laser Rangefinder thermals stabilizer and broken armor like the DF105 and is 8.0 BR pay now only 49.99$ so in some months will go up in BR and be nerfed to the ground

Well-known tactic whatever SPG premium you buy that is 7 BR up will get nerved
AVRE - HESH unreliable it’s like playing dice keep in mind 20.31 TnT with 203 pen and magic 259 m/s velocity and with another special Gaijin nerf you need constant playing with rangefinder.

Welcome to the world of dynamic BRs.
You bought it, because it was at 7.3. It was moved up, because it was OP and now you have to face adequate opponents.

It already has a APFSDS shell that rest of the russian tech tree doesn’t get till 9.3.

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How an Object 120 and Vidar are at the same BR is insane, no stabilizer for the Vidar tho.

Does not need 1, with a muzzle velocity at 1710m/s for 152mm APFSDS, and weighing in at 8kg, really. Just point and click

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You think because have APDS-FS with 8kg mass and 152mm cannon that you will 1 tap every think dude seriously because Gaijin mess with ballistic and BRs early APDS-FS is unreliable

Point blank Shouting at Front upper plate strait AMX-30B shatter the APDS-FS shout at Leo1 left side of the turret take Optic Gaijined a lot ofc you die from 1 hit because Ammo rack in back of Obj 120 turret

Sure you can say Skill Issue or something else but the truth is thinking you will point and click killing every think is long gone from this game more like idiotic RNG.

At 8.0 you play vs Leo’s that actually can snipe from the other side of the map with the optic they have and ammunition is diamond


I will quote you on this. The black prince still uses the long barrel 17 pounder. Not the 77mm. So it has ample penetration.

What exactly are you talking about? The Challenger medium tank utilizes the QF-17 pounder (76 mm). Where did I indicate 77 mm?

Im sorry. Iw as swept up in my own confusion. For some reason ive read comet. Not challenger. Tho you clearly said the latter.

I think my confusion was with how you said it wasnt a br 6 gun. It still is a shell with 190 pen. More than what some other tanks get. Like the 85mm. Or 88mm even. Yes it lacks aphe, but when it works, it pens just fine

again i think BR. 7.7 would be perfect or give it a stab, the Vidar has thermals AND laser rangefinder with HE rounds that most of the time onehit targets because aiming HE with LRF is so ez, in other words having this on the same BR as the 120 cant be seen fair since the Vidar also has a higher zoom on the scope as the 120. and onehitting tanks happens rarely compared of the 120 getting onehitted which is nearly always happening. so its not the best sniper nor the best close combat fighter.

The VIDAR is not a fair comparison at all. The thing should be 8.3 or 8.7. the fact it isn’t is a little absurd.

Well, no money back, but, you have a APFSDS that can absolutely bone someone in a shot or two. Don’t understand the complaint, learn the vehicle and git gud, you gotta learn, not try and whine to change something. Your spending big money for the fact it’s like having premium time, all the time, and it’s undertiered, and a LRF is not historically accurate, and you don’t need one with APFSDS at that BR, just learn to aim and play and git gud.

The best comparison vehicle is the PTZ89. It sits at 8.7 with stab, 5s reload, and similar rounds (less postpen, more pen). But it also has a FAR worse ammo rack location nearly never takes a round without detonating. 7.3 vs 8.7 was a joke, 8.0 to 8.7 is a far better comparison of the two tanks given their similar roles and functions.

If you need a laser rangefinder with rounds with that velocity, you are the problem not the tank.

can you read? because i said that the 120 doesnt onehit sometimes even if its center of mass at a Leo1 there is still a high chance of killing like only half of the crew somehow.

the 120 has also a very bad ammo location, if the turret get hit frontally ur dead.

The obj 120 reloads every 10s I don’t know what you are talking about. The tank you are comparing it to shoots twice as fast.

It has no smoke and no machine gun. 0 depression and it’s big.

That’s because of a little thing called overpen, whenever the armor is so thin that the spall amount in the other side is very minute and minimal if any at all.

i know but on 8.0 its a very common tank to fight as a 120, and the problem is with many other tanks too with even more armor

It’s beneficial for the APFSDS round to have to go through more armor as it spalls more. Plus, realistically you should be able to front pen everything, or almost everything, you see at that BR, with the exception of MAYBE one or two Chinese tanks.

But it’s still no issue, or shouldn’t be at least. I play Strv 103 a lot, and it’s the bane of my existence.