Obj 120 br 8? It is not fair

Most annoyingly the ready rack manipulation.

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Despite all that, apparently there are enough players good enough with it to warrant it being 8.0 by Gaijin’s formula.

We all get that you aren’t one of them.

It’s never been 8.0 before so there is no data that suggest people are good enough, and it’s stats at 7.3 are mediocre at best, and I don’t get why you have to throw petty insults like a child when we’re just talking about a virtual vehicle, apparently some people are incapable of having a discussion about something without throwing insults.

We all get you are one of them.

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no need.
Leo 1 is around that br and has no LRF. just learn to play it to its strengths

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Which is not a lot different of a situation, it’s also outclassed.

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exactly. and i can perform well if i know how to play a tank. no need for BR change or unrealistic buffs

Arrant nonsense - there is data - Gaijin has it, and we don’t.

We don’t know it’s stats.

sorry you think I made an insult. To me it is just an observation based on the evidence of your own comments.

I guess you are too then by your own logic.

Its unfair that that thing snipes WW2 vehicles from 1500m away with APFSDS that goes through literally everything. They have zero chance.

I hate that thing, it deserved to go up just as much as the Leopard 1.

Also it only went up 0.3 relatively because everything in that BR range went up 0.3 anyway, so in relative terms its fighting the same vehicles it would be if it was 7.7 before its BR change.

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Yeah except for all the ones that don’t, at even higher BRs than the Object 120. T95E1 being one example. And that went from 8.0 to 8.3…

Gaijin has data on how the Object performs at 8.0 without it ever being at 8? That’s magical.
And there’s 7000 pieces of data that put the 120 at a k/d of 1.5, which is no reason for concern.

It gets 300mm APFSDS, this is just more about compression.

T95E1 has 293mm APFSDS.

There is. It’s called the PTZ-89 lmfao

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I didn’t know, looks quite interesting Indeed. Guess I will go and Grind some Social Credits as soon as I have my new IS-7 spaded.

PTZ89 only gets LRF (completely pointless), NVD (also completely pointless) and a stabilizer. It does have double the fire rate but the vehicle itself is naturally a downgrade since it is chinese

Yeah, definitely doesn’t get ERA or thermals, although thermals are useless now anyways, and with 1700m/s shell a rangefinder isn’t needed either.

I agree that Br 7.3 was to low but 8.0 is to high. every tank bas better mobility, better armor, faster reload, stabilizer and ammo with nearly the same pen and dont forget the LRF a lot of vehicles have on that br. i think Gajin should move it down again to at least 7.7

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and now they put Vidar 7.7. Laser rangefinder, better mobility, thermo. Is pure op. Gaijin gg.

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Honestly, the fact that it is common practice does not make it fair. Something paid for with money should be given more thought.

It’s no longer for the 25 euros it cost me. If you work you clean your … with that money.

It takes me less time to earn it working than you

Farming like a dog.

Effectively they get me not to buy tanks or talismans.

Next up is the Vidar. It would be more honest to put 7.7 during the first year of release or something.

They would stop playing a dangerous game.

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But the fact of the matter and god am i late to this, its 152 mm sniper with APFSDS and HEATFS, both which can smelt through everything, for me personally the only thing i dislike is the lack of Stab but that would make it obscenely strong, I think if you really needed to give it something, basic Range finder like you see on the Object 268 in which even if you now know the range you still have to range it would be ok IMO, but honestly its fine at 8.0

Just play it well and its a very powerful vehicle