Obj 120 br 8? It is not fair

I have bought Obj 120 because I liked his gun and I knew it was 7.3. Now I find it at 8. It is absolutely unfair. I always meet ATGM and laser rangefinder. If you want to keep it at 8.0 You must give it at least a lasar rangefinder. I bought it, spendig my money, because it was 7.3. I would love to have my money back.

cant bully ww2 heavies anymore so no it gets to stay at 8.0


It’s in a weird place, it’s bad in every category but firepower, 7.3 was probably too low but 8.0 is too compressed where it gets dunked on by stabilizers and IFVs left and right, having no armor, lacking mobility, long reload, mediocre turret traverse, it’s outclassed in pretty much every category except firepower but it no longer faces anything with noteworthy armor.

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It never had it IRL.
Gaijin has a right to change aspects of their in game models and here they did just that. its a good thing, since the obj 120 was actually made during the times of the cheiftain and m60 MBTs

Sometimes you must break historical accuracy in favor of balancing the game.

it is balanced though. just because a vehicle cannot stomp WWII behemoths dosent mean it needs a buff.
i dont wanna say skill issue but im being tempted

I agree with the fact that it is unfair to have him shooting tiger 2. But it is also unfair to have him fighting stabs, laser and helicopters. Either it should get rangefinder or stabs, or the br difference in a match should be 0.7

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bro its a sniper TD. you dont need stab

Imagine how based an upgraded version with ERA, Thermals, LRF and Laser Warning System would be…

I think rangefinders should be used for balancing and add them if needed, especially with the artillery vehicles, you’re already adding completely unrealistic and impossible vehicles to the game that would not be used in that manner in a million years, and despite the ability to hit targets 30km away, they’re not even implemented with a basic rangefinder.

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So give it laser rangefinder and move it to 8.7

I’d like to give my own insight on the Object 120.

What are its pros?

Well, it has a 152mm gun with APFSDS and HEATFS, which can bore right through armor.

It has an autoloader, which its entire ammo rack is part of.

Its fast, clocking in at 40mph, or for those who don’t use miles per hour, 64 kilometers an hour.

Its transmission is its armor.

Now for the cons:

10 second reload time, will be beaten by most vehicles.

22 rounds of ammo.

Turret rear is an first stage rack, so it always has ammo there.

Weak armor.

Transmission is massive, will be taken out most of the time.

No Co-ax MG.

So, to answer the question, does the Object 120 deserve BR 8.0? Yes, it does deserve 8.0. Sort of.

It has a huge cannon, with a 10 second reload, with APFSDS. Before it was moved, I would constantly see Object 120s in 6.7 to 8.7, at 6.7, you would pray it wouldn’t hit its mark, which it always did.

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A lot of strong points are made here. Personally (my own opinion, do not quote me on this), I completely agree that Object 120 is in an awkward position where it is extremely challenging to balance. The situation is quite similar to that of Black Prince Churchill, except that the circumstances are inverted. Black Prince Churchill’s armor does not justify being lower than BR 6.0 because BR 4.7 vehicles will have a terrible time attempting to penetrate it if downtiered. However, its gun does not actually deserve being placed at BR 6.0 because it is essentially a BR 5.3 gun found in the Challenger medium tank.

The conditions are reversed for Object 120. Here you have a gun that is completely justified in the BR 8.0+ range, but the lack of a laser rangefinder and stabilized gun means it will struggle to play at a rating higher than BR 8.0.


Therefore, every purchase should be thought over 3x. Always assuming the worst case scenario. Didn’t you learn the sales policy of this company? There’s always some machine that has a low BR and for a year they can’t wait to switch BRu giving them great sales, then something new comes along as sales start to slowly drop and the old one gets a nasty BR and comes full circle.
That’s why I personally buy only with money coming from the market from naives and on sale -50%.

Well, with the A43 Black Prince, its armor justifies its placement, making up for its gun.

It has a lot of armor, APDS, and, with my crew, a 6.5 second reload.

Its also invulnerable to a lot of guns when used properly, thus a placement of 6.0 is proper.

Exactly. I meet tanks with laser rangefinders that kill me from 1.200 meters with a single shot. Unfair.

This is not one of those cases. There is also no way to justify it being ahistorical.

Giving vehicles equipment they never had isn’t “balancing the game” - it is creating War Thunderhammer.

BR, ammunitions, and rate of fire are what they use to “balance” the game.

The 120 is a derp machine, and so it is very difficult to find a sweet BR for it - too low and it is ridiculously OP in a down-tier, too high and it is useless.

But since BR is apparently based on how players perform with it, we can reasonably assume that a lot of players have done quite well with it at lower BR’s, hence it is pushed up.

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Arrant nonsense and petulant whining.

You also meet tanks WITH?OUT laser rangefinders that can kill you at 1200 meters with 1 shot.

Indeed almost every tank in the game from 1.0 upwards can kill you at any range they can see you with 1 shot - and you can do the same to them :p

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Yet they’re likely to have a stabilizer, faster reload speed, ATGMs, thermals, APFSDS, auto cannons and run circles around you.

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