Not great changing of BR at 9.0-9.7 (Italy)

You now that feeling when you joining full uptier especially when you playing on 8.7 or 9.0.
So now Centauro on 9.0 and Leo on 9.3. WT hack?! That was unexpected! I want to have previous BR!

OF-40 (MTCA) on 9.0 now, it doesn’t even has termal…i guess that you understand me

Thats the point of the update. WW2 tanks up to 6.7 got relieved. Everything up to 9.7 was moved up the ladder. Means on the other end of this doom cascade you have alot earlier 8.7 + 9.7 vehicles, which will face things they can’t handle. I sense alot food for 10.0 / 10.3 / 10.7 combat vehicles. Alone no thermals / lowgen thermals vs what most russian vehicles have from 10.0 onwards. Ouch.


The new BR changes are excellent.

There are a few issues here and there, but overall will they make a better game. They’ve been long awaited.

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Mb, but now its painful playing against 9.3-9.7 on Centauro

Russian bias and LAV AD, ufff. No one wants to have duel with that. Actually mb in one day I will say thats its okay for me playing on ground vehicles at 9.7 on Centauro, but maaan, I really dont want to play on g91 when there are always Strela, Ocelot and others…

I remember that day when br on R3 T20 was changed and after that gameplay on this one was totally destroyed, so I dont really want to see any changes in Italian line. Only two things are can be great to change, its add more premium ground vehicles on 10.0 and finally add bombers to V rank, if there were at their time.

Got it, useful, but still sad

I disagree the br changes are bad

Changes are perfect for me.
All the great tanks were correctly moved up.
Great decompression.

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Is 11.7 higher than 11.3 & 11.0?
If so, there’s decompression; if not, then learn math I guess.

For it to be a “shift” in BRs, the top BR for ground would have to be 11.3.
For it to be compression the top BR for ground would have to be 11.0.

Stating facts does not make people “trolls”.

Because in order to prove that it’s not decompression, you need to prove the old BR of 11.0 is still there, which it isn’t, so it’s decompression.
XM-803 has the worst APFSDS round at 9.0, DM23 is vastly superior, and it’s barely faster than a Leopard 1A5. I know cause I use all the vehicles mentioned.
Strv 103 is 8.0 now, not 7.7.

The fact that you’re posting lies about others is hilarious. Everyone can see I play all BRs, M60 is even one of my top 10 played tanks. Same with T-55AM1.
Which means you did not look at my playercard.

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You fail to even realize what I am even trying to point out to you. A dart is still a dart and stabilizer vs no stabilizer and no dart isn’t fun thats why you hardly see anything french being played at old 8.3. I chose to ignore your most played tank cause its a t55am and the italian m60 has no stab you most likely haven’t even touched it in years. You don’t even know the definition of decompression if it was even hidden in a compressed accordion and all you had to do was spread it.

Penetration matters.
And I loved 8.3 France, AMX-30B2 is busted. It’ll be busted at 8.7 as well.
Fast, strongest APFSDS for its BR, thermals, and an autocannon.
The only downside is no stabilizer, which for some is more of a downside than it is for me, but for me I’ve learned to compensate playing Panthers at 5.7 & T-34s at 3.7.
So I just apply that knowledge to higher BRs.

Decompression in the context of BRs means spreading them apart.
We went from 7.3 - 11.0, to 7.7 - 11.7 with 7.7s - 9.7s moving up by 0.3 as well, with the top-end moving up by 0.7.
That is by definition, decompression.

The M60 doesn’t have a stab. And it’s only been out for GE for a year or so.

This Br change is a continuation of decompression over time. This is the way gaijin does things. A few months ago, they increased the top BR to 11.7, and a few of the top teir vehicles around the 11.0 area to fit the changes. this is the start of the decompression. Now, they are decompressing the ranks below by moving the majority of those vehicles up, while leaving some of the poor performers where they are. This is how decompression comes, gradually. Wether you would prefer it to be done more quickly or not is immaterial, this is the way gaijin does decompression. It does mean that those top ranks are going to be more compressed than they were before, but now there is more room below to drop vehicles that perform particularly badly.


Honestly, upping 11.3 to 11.7 without changing 10.7s to 11.0 wasn’t their best move, but they corrected it with this change which I like.

Yea I am 100% aware of how gaijin handles compression and decompression from the very start they added first abrams and the first t64. Took time but they eventually had it worked out. If it is the start of decompression on a greater scale I hope it doesn’t take so long because it ruined a lot of brs I used to enjoy playing.

They just take too long to do these changes, it shouldnt take 6 months. I would much prefer it if they did that change in jan, then 3 or 4 weeks later changed the rank below, then another 3 or 4 weeks later the rank below that and so on

What vehicles have specifically been ruined for you by these changes

Well since, the only things unchanged were 10.3s, that means only 9.0 moving to 9.3 was “ruined”, but all the 9.3s are strong vehicles that can still reasonably take on the 10.3s.
Such as Leopard 1A5, Type 74G, and so forth.

IF 9.7s didn’t move up to 10.0, and there were monstrous 10.0s, I’d agree that 8.7 was slightly hurt, but the 10.0 lineups are either glass cannons or something 8.7s were already facing.
M60 AMBT [America’s T-72A TURMS-T with better round], T-72B, and a number of light vehicles.
But 9.0s can lolpen much of 10.0 except the T-72Bs.

The Khalid was moved to 9.3, so not all the 9.3’s are stong enough to fight 10.3’s constantly but for the most part many of the old 9.0 vehicles are capable of fighting the 10.3’s though are certainly at a disadvantage as it should be.IMO the Turms and derivatsiya should have gone up to 10.3 with these changes as well as the Obj.279 and bagelpanzer going up by one br step. also i would have liked to have seen the T-55AM1 go up 2 br steps and the AMD go up by one. Also right now i dont think many of the atgm only vehicles are good enough to have gone up with the MBT’s but if they do end up adjusting the atgms to make them more usable it may justify it. As for the old 7.3 and 7.7’s, they could always face darts, stabilisers and laser rangefinders, the Leo A1A1 was at 8.7, most of the british tech tree is stablised, and the T-55AM1 and AMD were 8.3 and 8.7 respectively, The Tam has darts, a stabiliser and a laser rangefinder. the problems with those br’s were always there, and still are, but that wasnt really “the point” of these changes