Not great changing of BR at 9.0-9.7 (Italy)

T-72A TURMS-T and M60 AMBT I don’t think warrant 10.3 when EVERY 10.3 in WT is vastly superior to them, and they’re already on-par with other 10.0s in WT.
On top of that, I’m not launching WT for the 5th time in 2 hours cause I’d rather wait for the event to start.

And dart pen matters. Just cause something has darts [T-55A & Type 69 come to mind] doesn’t mean the darts are good/great. They have to have the pen behind them as well after all.

The only thing that could arguably be 10.3 from 10.0 for me is 2S38.
Object 279 is a heavy tank, so it deserves to stay at 8.7 for this decompression step.
How it’s like in the future, we’ll see. It might need to go to 9.0 when the next decompression occurs, it might not.

I am also of the opinion ALL light tanks from 3.3 to top are under-BR’d except for HSTV-L purely due to that thing’s popularity among good players causing it to be a proper BR.

I’d agree with that but i do beilieve they are that way based on the mentality gaijin uses when balancing such veihcles. But for the Turms(cant speak for the AMBT) i can say it definitely is on par with something like the M1 or any of the 10.3 british tanks. you get a stellar round for the BR, you get gen2 gunner and commander thermals, a low profile, armour that can actually stand up to many of the darts you will face. you also get the ERA buff against anything that isnt spaded and doesnt have darts yet. if played correctly the Turms can be an extremely effective vehicle for the Br, i would personally take it over most if not all of the current 10.0’s and over some of the current 10.3’s.

Heavy tank or not, it will have the classic maus problem, where at its br it can be penned and in an upteir it becomes much less effective, but in a downteir, it is invulnerable, gets a stabiliser and a nuke gun with a long reload. it is more mobile than many heavy tanks and is very effective at brawling. IMO no current 7.7 should be able to face it even in a full upteir.

I agree, but a tank doesnt have to be able to lolpen everything to be effective. Just because most other vehicles can do it at the br means that people take it for granted. the T55-AM and AMD both have effective armour, good mobility and a laser rangefinder. They are versatile and excel in hull down positions when they can get into one that their pepression allows, as well as being good brawlers. If you compare them to the Cheif MK10 which is 9.0 currently, the T-55’s have less depression, and slightly less add on armour on the turret, but have much better mobility, a better reload now, and more hull protection. if you compare them to the Leopard A1A1 which is also now 9.0, they have a worse reload,and a worse dart, but again have better armour, a laser rangfinder and i’d say the mobility on both vehicles is about the same.

Object 279 gets penned by every 8.0 & 8.3 tank in the game firing 105mm HEATFS.
It has barely more effective armor than Maus, which is why it’s 8.7 with a superior cannon, stabilizer, and speed.

The Maus’s armour is at much easier angles to penetrate than the 279, this means that there are many things that can kill a Maus, such as the american 90 on the T-32E1 with apcr, or the 90 on the M48 with heatfs, but cannot kill the 279. Simply, for me the 279 can be a massive problem in a downteir, and i’d personally prefer it to be weak overall, than destroy everything in a downteir but be mediocre in an upteir.

HEATFS lolpens the 279’s hull.
Ask my how I know. [Almost all of my deaths in the 279]
That or APFSDS from now 9.0+ tanks.

You would expect to die to 9.0+ tanks with darts, that is as it should be, but 105 HEATFS might lolpen the hull, but that doesnt mean that it consistently one shots the vehicle, or even kills the gunner. Also, still the point im making is that in a 7.7 downteir, the vehicle is just too strong IMO. It may very well be killable by 105 Heatfs, but what vehicle has that at 7.7? I do not think moving it up to 9.0 would hurt it so much that it would become useless, it would still be effective in a downteir, maybe slightly below average at its own br, and weak in an upteir. that for me, is better than it clubbing 7.7’s. I would apply the same logic to any vehicle in game, it is better for it to be slightly too weak than slightly too strong

Either way we are off topic, this post was about some guy whining about his centauro and of-40 not being good enough lol.

Never mind discussion is great, I prefer to play on Italian tanks at my favorite BR, actually I dont know about problems on other nations, so all this information is really helpful

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