Non-historical armament of the F-4EJ

I understand why the F-4EJ has bombs in this game, but I don’t really understand it for historical reasons. When Japan bought the F-4, it removed the possibility of a ground attack from them, so why is it possible in this game?
Not only does it have bombs, but rockets that have never been used by the JASDF. In my opinion, they should remove him from the ground attack and the AIM-7e missile and give him to the V ere with br 10.0. And in its place, give the F-4EJ kai with an early copy with the same armament.
This would give Japan a nice 10.0 plane and an additional plane in the game.
I don’t know if this suggestion will pass, but if so, I’m counting on objective opinions.
sorry for the language mistakes, I translated it in google translate

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The F-4EJ could and did carry bombs even before EJ Kai conversion.


You cannot nerf EJ enough to make it 10.0. You could remove its 9Js & 7Es, but it’d still be at least 10.3 due to its countermeasures.


all sources suggested that it could not carry bombs and had no ballistic calculator

I admire your ability to distinguish the ej version from the ej kai version

then 10.0 is just a loose suggestion

nah man, gonna lose the only few jets that can CAS…just leave as is.

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it is not about replacing 1 CAS aircraft with 1 fighter, but about adding a new aircraft at a lower br

I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge, but in Poland, where I come from, it is difficult to find information about Japanese equipment and what is available is quite modest.

It’s difficult to find from anywhere

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So, why you made this post ?

because everything I found suggested the absence of bombs and the ballistic computer. Which made it possible to add a new plane for Japan, as I wrote in the post

If you want, you can check out these threads to see some more pictures of JASDF aircraft (mainly F-1 and F-4EJ Kai) carrying various kinds of ground ordnance. The types of ordnance carried aren’t really exclusive to specific aircraft (with a few exceptions) so you can get a general idea of what types of ordnance you could see on JASDF aircraft.


You didn’t find it = they didn’t have it? LMAO
In your logic, Japanese aircraft should not have cannons because they "should not have ground attack capabilities."Japan shouldn’t have planes either, because they can throw something from the plane and it’s against regulations. right?

Armament with cannons and rifles is used for air combat, not only for ground attack

Japan bought the F-4 with the factory-removed ground attack option because they didn’t need it at the time

But they can used for ground attacks,isn’t that right?

Bruh,who tolds u so?Some elementary school students on some unknown forum?

If you say that the DCU-9/A nuclear weapons operating device, AN/ASQ-91 weapon delivery system, and AN/ARW-77 air-to-ground missile controller have been canceled in the F4EJ, you are right. But if you say that F4EJ cannot access the bomb hardpoint, then I can only think that you are talking nonsense.

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this is what the manufacturer Mitsubishi Haevy Industries says
and in English