Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

yes and no , BMP-3M is more a general designation , and the Ataka 9M120-1 varient (the one in the pic) is one of the version that uses the BMP-3M as basis

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There is one exception.

The BAE FRES SV was make ONLY FOR UK AND NO OTHER NATIONS TESTED IT, it literally exist only in UK.

Yes, BAE takes CV90 hull, but Sweden doesn’t test or designed FRES SV


Maybe next patch no bugs? cose this one caused a thermal image bug, where u can see it in 3rd person for a moment

Speaking of Cv90’s the SSG! Aka the AMOS equipped Cv90.



I want to see the pve modes redeveloped and updates to the dynamic campaigns with with all the new planes.
Please give us more things to do with all these great vehicles other than constant pvp tdm.

I meant they want to, as in first priority, not that it’ll be followed exclusively
Like M60s in US TT and export M60s as premiums
Similarly, Patria-105 is currently premium as well as CV90-105 … but exceptions are also there, like the CV90-120 in the tech tree.
If Gaijin decides against a separate Visgerad tree, then they can even add the Slovak BOV 8x8 VYDRA, Polish KTO Rosomak and Croation AMV IFV to Sweden/Finland. And even the UAE AMV with BMP-3 turret.
South African Badger & Aussie AMV should go to UK though.

For Finland (premiums?):

Slovak BOV 8x8 VYDRA

KTO Rosomak Hitfist-30P

KTO Rosomak ZSSW 30

Croation AMV UT30MK2CRO


For UK:

Badger MCT 30

Aussie AMV35


I really hope they add the Patria AMV XP with BMP 3 turret and namut thermals as prem for swede tree.

Eh, there’s a better AMV the UK could get in the form of the LMUK CTA40 turret on an AMV. The AMV35 was mostly developed by BAE Hugglands (the Swedish division) and so would fit quite well in the Swedish Tree.

AMV with the Lockheed Martin UK CTA Modular Turret. You can find the suggestion here. Would be a very solid event/premium (camo nets and all that :P), with the Boxer Hulled variant being a TT alternative.

Badger wise I’d actually kinda like the ATGM carrier variant, as a decent ATGM carrier is not really to be found at the British higher tiers (there’s the Ratel ZT3, but while the ATGMs are really quite good, the chassis is terrible, and the swingfire looses a lot of effectiveness as you up tier it due to the poor firing silhouette of the striker, and the slow speed). Would fit quite nicely as a 9.7 ATGM carrier, epically if Gaijin model it with the ZT3A2’s fire on the move capability (when fired from a Badger).


the Su-11 is in the game as a premium

CV90120 during Malaysian tank trials during 2000. (early CV90120 variant, not the 2007’s CV90120T)
Competed against T-90S, Oplot and PT-91A

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Boxer CRV Block 2



Boxer RCT-30


PUMA S1(2024)


special one: Boxer intestinal medical treatment



Different Su-11. Russians used the name twice about a decade apart. I meant the supersonic interceptor from the 50s.

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friendly reminder, thats still not the finished 2a8 lol, kmw started a contract with a greek company to deliver ERA for the 2a8

M47 Platton for French tech tree

French Army bought more 800 of them.

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Lynx prototype for Germany:



Fix AA.20s so they’re actually not only not bugged anymore, but actually do consistent damage too.

so smooth lmao, it’s like a early 3d model of a tank from a game or something

Bv 206 Lars, every country needs an MLRS vehicle no matter how terrible they are!