Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

I mean the SWISS Hunter was going into the German or French tree given that those are the two biggest cultural and geographic ties to Switzerland, I really don’t understand why anyone thinks it should have been in the British tree at all

I mean just playing hypothetically here, imagine for a second there is more than 1 Swiss vehicle in the game, do you think that they should all be in the same tech tree so you can run full lineups of Swiss vehicles or do you think each vehicle should got to it’s country of origin?


Canadian vehicles aren’t only on the British tree, neither Australian vehicles. The Australian Abrams is on the US tech tree because it’s an Abrams, Mexas is in the German tech tree because it’s a leopard, Class 3P is in the German tech tree because a German manufacturer helped designing it. Wouldn’t the Swiss hunter make more sense to be added to the UK because it’s a Hunter?

I mean why though? Do the US really need another Abrams, do the Germans really need another Leopard?

It makes a lot more sense for these vehicles to go into the tech tree that best represents the user nation, I get that UK mains are upset about the best version of the Hunter being in another tree but that isn’t unique to them, the best F-104 is Italian, the best A-4 is Israeli.

You can make the argument that Canada and Australia post WWII is closer to the US than UK, just like post WWII Poland is closer to Germany or USSR than Britain where their government was in exile during the war.

Still when adding vehicles for nations without their own tree or sub-tree i feel that cohesion is the most important thing, lets say the CV9030 is added for Switzerland with it’s BR of 9.3, you could reasonably run a lineup in ground battles of the Hunter F.58 and Swiss CV9030 but only if they are in the same tech tree, not if they are split up between Britain and Sweden.

Gaijin are pretty inconsistent with where they put these types of vehicle but I feel like with the Hunter F.58 they actually got it right.

Because they have their own tech tree, if they were event or squadron they would probably go to the US, all the Merkavas were going there too. There’s no Swiss sub-tree, or a slight mention of it being an option.

Idk tbh, with the T-90S coming I just don’t know anymore. (I’m against it)

But this is off-topic so… Better stop

Fiat Terni-Tripoli SPA 38R as reserve Italian SPAA.
Armed with a 12,7 mm Breda, and featuring 6 mm of armour all-around, it’d be decent. Italy lacks armoured SPAAs at lower tiers. 6 mm isn’t much, but it’ll make it almost invulnerable to most machine guns at low tier.


I’d like to see more modern/proper camouflages for PLA vehicles.

More Images/Vehicles Here

ZTZ99 Phase -III

ZTZ99 Phase II














Also how about ONE, at least one of the following vehicles this update so there’s an IFV (beyond the baseline-ZBD86 which has no effect at later Ranks) in the tree:

CM-34 IFV armed with a 30mm MK44 Bushmaster.

A ZBD04A IFV armed with a 2A70-copy 100mm rifled gun and ZPT99 30mm autocannon combination similar to the BMP-3.

ZBL08 IFV with a 30mm ZPT99 autocannon and two HJ-73C or later ATGM’s.

A ZBD86A armed with a 30mm ZPT99 autocannon and roof-mounted rail launcher to fire HJ-73C or later ATGM’s.

Off to the side, I will say I am excited to see the MBT-2000 this update🤙


Landsverk 5

German interwar project, one of the first.

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Swedish*. It was designed in Sweden, but manufactured in Germany.

TBF most of Germany’s interwar stuff was designed outside of Germany because of the treaty of Versailles.

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I still consider it Swedish, as they evolved it into the Landsverk L-30.

Both nations get it then.

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You’ll consider it Swedish because of a different vehicle then, that doesn’t make sense?

It was designed by the swedish, and it was evolved further by the swedish. Landsverk itself is a swedish company, not a german one. What does it have to do with Germany, other than the place of production?

*Concerning aircrafts!

If I’m not mistaken - you allow researching helicopters with ground vehicles?!

So, is it possible to make research of ground vehicles from flying aircrafts inside the same nation tech tree?

I rather enjoy playing Rank 1 to Rank 4 aircrafts than flying Jets, especially AAMs. No true chivalrous dogfights.

*Concerning hobbits!
No! No, hobbits for now.

Rank viii premium +1

The F-22 Block 35 for 'Merica 🦅

I want to see this next update with 1 AIM-9E and no Gun for balancing reasons.


Reduce teamkill cost, too many player without manner

ROCA 4.5 Inch rocket truck for China. No idea what truck this is.


Feature of Gripen C 2000’s era from swedish air force

  • PS-05/A Mk3 radar


  • Rafael Litening III Targeting pod

  • BAE Systems Cobra helmet mounted display (HMD)



  • IRIS-T (Rb.98) Air-to-Air Missile


  • GBU-12 Paveway II


  • GBU-49 Enhanced Paveway II


  • GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)



  • Rbs 15F Mk2 Anti-ship Missile