Missing Proper Camouflages for Modern Chinese Vehicles

Missing Proper Camouflages for Modern Chinese Vehicles

The ZTZ99A in-game with it’s Gaijin-provided digital camouflage for 200GE.

  • The Chinese Ground Forces Tree has lacked it’s proper camouflages for their modern vehicles up until semi-recently when the ZTZ99A was the first to receive the digital camouflage skin that could be purchased for 200GE. Ever since then however, several vehicles remain missing their either similar Digital camouflage or their proper Two-tone or Three-tone camouflage.
  • These vehicles don’t have to have every single camouflage however, they should at least have a baseline that’s associated with each one such as if the primary color is tricolor instead of digital use that, or if it’s predominantly using digital use that, etc. Remove the decals of course to allow players to customize it. Keeping it basic to allow content creators to continue to improve on the camouflages and produce their own variations.
  • The existing “Grey Yellow” camouflage in-game is a bit off and could use a retouch to make it more realistic.
  • Fixing this would create a new standard for other implemented PLA vehicles.
  • There’s also nothing wrong with adding multiple versions of the Digital, Two-tone, or Three-tone camouflages as we have multiple versions of camouflage for modern USSR/Russian vehicles in-game, even parade camouflages.
  • Adding these would most likely be beneficial to Gaijin itself as more and more players will want to use Digital camouflages that match real mechanized units.
  • These vehicles are currently active duty within the PLA’s 152nd Infantry Mechanized Brigade, or others, and play a key part in military operations, therefore the vehicles lacking the associated camouflages takes away from the semi-realism War Thunder has been trying to achieve. Images below are of the modern vehicles that are missing their respective camouflages (excluding ROC vehicles):

ZTZ99 Phase III

ZTZ99 Phase II














  • Some of the vehicles I’ve provided images for use multiple camouflages such as the Digital and the Two-tone color, etc. such as the ZTZ99-III, ZTZ96 base model, ZTL11, or the ZTZ96A like seen below:
    ZTZ96 with Digital Camouflage.

    ZTZ96A with Three-tone camouflage.

    A ZTL11 with Three-tone camouflage.

    ZTZ99-III in Two-tone camouflage. This one was at Vostok-2018.