Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

Tu-2S with x88 PPsh-41




Though they could really do with establishing some solid guidelines for what is going where. What consitute as “export” or “built” and what counts as “used”

For example. The 130mm Challenger Prototype?

Britain or Germany?

Its a Challenger 2 Variant so the default answer should be Britain. But Germany does have a claim because they designed most of what makes it that Prototype.

Isn’t that vehicle upgraded by Rheinmetall Defence UK?

I dont know. Its possible, but the Germans still want it

I believe the British should get it because they don’t have really any other options for large bore. Germany could also get it if they actually have a claim to it which they may, I only remember skimming over it awhile ago.

Yep and the argument in the past from Germans about the UK getting even a single Leopard is that it would ruin what makes the UK “unique”. So should also really keep all the Challengers together.

But it does still circle back to the original point. These edge cases. Just cause friction and issues and it would be great to get some actual guidelines on it.

Because there are other vehicles that hover about sometimes. Like Australian Variants of the F-86 Sabre (with Rolls Royce engines and ADEN cannons) US or UK?

or the Canadian designed and built variants of the LAV.

Just some tricky to place vehicles.

We could also do with stopping things like the Hunter F58 from happening again. Would be kinda annoying to see something like the Indian Sea Harrier Mk51 end up on the Soviet Tree.

I suppose both Britain and Germany have a claim to it,
it’s the same as both France and Germany having the claim over the EMBT.



Yep, I can see that being the solution potentially, Though if the Germans had another 130mm Variant, perhaps of a Leopard, that might be better. But if not. Then yeah, both could get it.

Germany also has the KF51 and potentially the Panzer-87 140. Off the top of my head they’ll have three high caliber vehicles if that includes the Challenger 2 130.

EDIT: I’m torn if I should also add the Challenger 2 130 to the German section on my High Calibers post now that I think about this.


I’d Say give it to britain it’s still a british base vehicle i don’t see why it should go to germany here Even if they changed pretty much everything it’s still using a Challenger as a base but again same situation like the Vickers mk 7 so little issues i still hope it goes for britain

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Perhaps add it but with a disclaimer that it’s a remote possibility

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Shisei Anti-Aircraft Truck
Using the Type-88 75mm though a Type-14 105mm anti-air gun as a different vehicle would also be cool.

As well as the Ki-To Anti Air Tank, the sparse TA-HA SPAA uses 2 Flak 3.7cm AA guns one prototype is claimed to have been built but no photographic evidence exists meaning its down to Gaijin’s interpretation of what it may look like.


embt should go to both trees tbh (fr and ger)

First version would just be a leclerc turret on a leopard hull, not much to say about it, other than it looks goofy.
Second one would get a 30mm AA gun on the turret, a trophy APS and an accoustic detector (same as ebrc jaguar).
Apparently they plan on intergrating the ASCALON 140mm on it in 2025 (that’s a bit speculative, so take it with a grain of salt)

would give germany and france 2 options for 140mm gun MBTs each, if it ever happens, as well as an APS equipped vehicle. Also that 30mm is looking sweet


The project is closed and will not be further developed. But, I personally hope that it will appear in both Germany and France (Both versions of the EMBT project)

from what i heard, it isn’t over yet. Far from it in fact

A rank 7 premium for China that doesn’t suck.
So either give the J-7D PL-5C’s or add a J-8B copy paste premium.
Also possible is give the JH-7A the German Tornado treatment… meaning, remove smartbombs and add as rank 7. Prob also remove PL-8’s.

If we’re gonna give aircraft the Tornado treatment, also male a premium rank 7 Mirage 2000D. No smartweapons, just dumb bombs and 2 Magic 2’s.

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Yeah, harriers lifespan was cut short because of the F-35, RIP. Could have seen some cool modifications of it down the road.


FPS eater and no damage dealer

A Type 10 with appropriate mobility.


Roof-mounted Spike Launchers that can adjust up and down like IRL rather than be locked in the same position. Different angle seen below, courtesy of @UnHolySausage