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The Canadian LAV III is one of Canada’s modern iconic military vehicles, the LAV III was designed to replace Canada’s M113’s, Lynx’s, Grizzly’s, and Bison’s as Canada’s main IFV.

If any of my information is incorrect or lacking please let me know and I will attempt to fix it.


In 1991 Canada recognized that they needed a new/upgraded APC. The government created the Multi-Role Combat Vehicle project. The TH-495 was originally selected to be the result of this project, the TH-495 (Built by: Thyssen-Henschel (now named Rheinmetall Landsystems)) was to be a tracked vehicle with 3 crew and room to carry 7 additional personal. The project was later abandoned due to some political and controversial issue. However when Chrétien became prime minister, his government issued a white paper that stated:
Most areas of defence will be cut. The relative weight of the naval, land and air establishments will be altered to allow for the transfer of more resources to where they are most needed—mainly to operational land forces. Everything is being made leaner. Everything is undergoing the closest scrutiny.

With land now being in the focus of the Canadian Military, in 1996 the contact was given to Diesel Division of General Motors of Canada (now named General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada after General Dynamics acquired Diesel Division of General Motors of Canada). The LAV entered service in 1999 and is still in service to this day, however most have been upgraded to LAV 6.0’s.

In the early 2000’s The Canadian Forces specifically Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier commenced project 12rd which was nicknamed Defensive Aids Suite for Light Armoured Vehicles. This project was aimed at improving the defensive capabilities of Canada’s LAV’s and potentially this systems could be used to improve the survivability of future vehicles of the platform. This would also impact directly the potential future acquisition of the LAV MGS and MMEV (both of which were cancelled after getting funding).
Below is one of the few photo’s I can find from the project however there are also mentions of an ADATS also being fitted with a similar system.

LAV III with a Dazzler

Fun fact: The LAV III’s original name was the Kodiak.


Crew: 3
Mass: Basic weight: 13,702 kg | Combat load: 16,958 kg
Engine: Caterpillar 3126HEUI
Top Speed: On road 100 km/h | Off-Road: 70 km/h
Horse Power: 350
Maximum grade: 60%
Side slope: 30%


I am unable to find direct specifics but its basic armour (without any upgrades) covers the Standardization Agreement STANAG 4569 level III

More information on NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569 can be found here

LAV’s in 2008 were kitted with a new armour kit to help protect against IED’s, explosively formed penetrators and 30 mm caliber armour piercing rounds

Can be fitted with ceramic appliqué armour (MEXAS) plates.
Can be fitted with cage armour


M242 25-mm Bushmaster cannon (already found in game on the M3 and M3A3 Bradley’s) [500 rounds]
I cannot find the exact ammunition it uses but the LAV II had the same gun, and used armour-piercing sabot and HE-T)

C9A2 5.56-mm LMG
C6 7.62-mm coaxial MMG


2 - 76-mm 4-barrel smoke grenade launchers [8 smoke grenade reload stowed inside]
Has heat-absorbing filter to protect against thermals and IR
Driver, Commander, and Gunner Daytime Optical TIS (Thermal Imaging System) and Generation III Image Intensification (II) (Night Vision)
Independent Hydropneumatic suspension for each wheel
LWS (Laser Warning System)
Quiet APU (Auxiliary Power unit) for Silent watch
Laser Range Finder
Run-Flat Tires
Not amphibious (only LAV I’s are amphibious)
Each of the 8 wheels independently driven

Fun little mock up of stat card:

Some things left blank because this is just for the vehicle itself not about BR/cost ect. And other things are blank because I could not find information to fill that part out


General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada LAV Brochure:

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada LAV Brochure2:


Canadian Military History The Success of the Light Armoured Vehicle Volume 20 Issue 2 By Frank Mass
General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada



LAV III monument I took some photos of when I visited the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum the other week at CFB Shilo:

This monument is actually provided by the LAV III Monument Program
More photos:

More infromation: