Rheinmetall Defence 130mm Gun Testbed Challenger 2

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Hi Guys.

Today i want to suggest the British answer to the top tier Big Gun suggestions that was recently passed for consideration for War Thunder.

Let me introduce the Rheinmetall Defence 130mm Gun Testbed Challenger 2. Do keep in mind alot about this tank is still very classified.



The Rheinmetall Defence 130mm Gun Testbed Challenger 2 was first unveiled Juli 31 2020 which promises brand new Turret Armor, A glorious hard hitting 130 mm L/51 cannon.
There is not much known about the new Challenger 2 other than it’s a Testbed to demonstrate the ability of the Challenger 2 chassis being able to install a new Turret able to carry the 130 mm gun. The 130 mm L/51 is showcased to be loaded by an autoloader meaning that the tank in most likely crewed by only 3 men. A Driver, Gunner and Comander.
The intended Armor of the turret is completely classified. But is claimed to be a significant improvement of the the Currently operational Challenger 2 in the British army. The same goes for the engine but is most likely the same as in the Challenger 2 LEP also developed by Rheinmetall.
After the upgrade was showcased. it is believed that the testbed may end up become Britain next Challenger 2 upgrade. Heavely increasing the Challenger 2 tanks capabilities and giving the Russian T-14 Armata tank a run for it’s money.


The Rh-130 L/51 130mm Smoothbore cannon background.

Going into specific details about the 130mm cannon is that it is intended to counter the most modern tanks in the world like the Russian T-14 Armata. The Ammunition for the L/51 is believed to both DM-73 APFSDS in a larger cartridge, A Next Generation of APFSDS which uses a semi combustible cartridge case, A programable HE round which can be both an Airburst or an Impact round, And a Anti Bunker round which in War Thunder would work similar to APHE.
The L/51 cannon is said to have a 50% increase in Performance comparred to the Rh-120 L/55 120mm gun. So if we take the DM-73 APFSDS which is said to have a penetration of around 850mm to 950 mm against RHA while using the 120mm L/55. But if we use this shell in the 130mm L/51 cannon the Penetration could be around 1050mm to 1150mm against RHA.
The cannon autoloader is believed to be a Belt Fed Autoloader similar to the French Leclerc which sits in the rear of the Turret.

Turret Armor speculation.

While the both the Armor layout and NERA elements of the turret is currently unknown. The best speculation that could be brought for the turret is that it would most likely be equalent to the Leopard 2A7 variants. And guessing from the pictures I would argue that the turret front is aprotimatly 1000mm of RHA and the turret sides differs. And there is also the possibility that the turret are using armored screens like the ingame Leopard 2A5 both in the Front and Side turret.
As for the Hull it is believed to be identical to the standard Challenger 2.


Armor. Lower plate. Identical to the Challenger 2 currently ingame. Upper plate Classified Composite armor. Turret Next generation Composite Classified.
Engine. CV12-6A V12 Diesel Engine.
Crew. 3 Driver, Gunner and Commander.
Transmission. TN54E epicyclic.
Gun. Rh-130 L/51 130mm Smoothbore Cannon.

In War Thunder.

In War Thunder. A Challenger 2 with a 130 mm gun would give the British their own Big Stick top tier tank similar to the ones that just recently got passed to developers a few months back. Since i believe this tank will fit amazingly into the British Top Tier at 11.0+



Hope you guys like the suggestion. If i missed something please let me know. And see you in the Battlefields of War Thunder! :)


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It’s “Another challenger” but if it actually has benefits than the others especially the gun, i’d say it would be a decent top-of-the-line vehicle for GB. +1

I specially like It since GB neeeds top tier tanks.
Please people do not leak any clasified info about It XD.

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+1, but only, simultaneous addition for UK and Germany


+1 alongside other higher caliber MBTs.

Anyone here saying this should go to Germany is delusional. Should all CV90s go to Britain just because BAe is a British company? What about Ajax going to the US because General Dynamics is an American company?

Don’t be ridiculous.


All of those companies (Rheinmetall included) have nation-specific branches for large customers, such as the UK branch for General Dynamics and Rheinmetall, and the Swedish branch for BAe. The vehicles developed by those branches, for specific nations, thus primarily belong to said specific nation.


I absolutely agree.
I don’t think why people actively want more stuff for ‘the big three’ when they have everything. SPAAs, Support Vehicles, Light Vehicles, Howitzers, good MBTs, all at top tier.
Britain has arguably bad MBTs at top-tier, and that’s all you get. No light vehicles, no other MBTs, you have a slow chally with little armor and that’s it.
i just want better tanks man… Not to mention that Challenger is the heaviest tank, and yet it somehow has the least effective armor…


What is the reason that this should be added to Germany?
I don’t see the logic here.

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Fair enough


Well yeah, even I, as a dude who has the British tree researched, am confused how a t-90 lost itself in the tech tree. I get that Gaijin simply decided that Chally’s aren’t going to be as effective, but i was expecting an increase in light tanks, not getting different ones completely lol.
Going by this logic then sure, i can see this Chally ending up in the Germany tech tree as well

+1 I definitely would love to see this in top tier British ground forces tech tree !!

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Yes yes and yes again!

Wow, this suggestion deserves attention; now I’m excited about the future of challengers! xD yes,yes!!!

Sorry to say, the future of Challengers is bleak.
There’s the 2 LEP, some prototypes here and there and then the 3.

Well, there are at least 2 Cr3 we can get. The one we know right now, as it is a prototype, and production one. Then later upgrades.

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Excellent MBT, though it’s a Challenger again lol. Anyway, Britain tech-tree really need a more powerful MBT to combat with floods of T-tanks, Leopards and M1. Challenger 3 is not powerful enough.

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Hopefully with the further updates, we’ll get a 130mm Chally like in this post. It’s obviously heading in that direction as far as i can see… It’s only a matter of time before we get the Panther KF51 and the Abrams X. Hopefully this one will be up there too, since in the Air Superiority update the worst top tier MBT was, exactly, the Chally 3…

I mean… you could be playing the Ariete XD

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