Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

What, because it’s a “paper tank”

It’s just the picture. Literally “Paper tank”

I mean, hey, it’s more real than the E-100 ever would have been. They at least made the Hull and tested a realistic turret weight test for the traverse drives, but then the UK called them back up and said they were willing to sell them centurion tanks. The gun existed as far as I know as well. At best if we ever do see it, it would be a “dreams come true” type of event vehicle, or maybe knowing gaijin, a battle pass vehicle.
Weight test image.
Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that the Strv 105 was never fielded, it was just a prototype, yet we have it, but also, it’s more real. (In other words, we should see the 103 D in game, it used the same thermal imager, and looking at a C variant from Arsenalen, it looks as if it was ready to mount the thermal cam for the commander)

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E-100’s hull was made too


Fair, but it was really just a slightly modified Tiger II hull. It was fitted with the engine set for the “10.5 kwk” so, I mean there’s probably more, but as much as I know, that’s really it other than armor.

I decided to bring over the vehicles from my vehicle project that I feel are most important that need to be added to the regular Wishlist thread. It’s more updated and comprehensive to Frances issues then my previous wishlists.
So more people are aware of the vehicles France can have and the reasons they should be added.

•) Leclerc Tropicalisé/EAU (Tech Tree)
Specifically so it can replace the AZUR. The Tropicalisé is built off of the SXXI as a base, rather then what the AZUR is in game which is a downgrade as a S2. This would allow for the AZUR to be added to the S2 and SXXI as an armor modification.

•) Leclerc “Ares” Prototype (Pack premium or Squadron)
This Leclerc specifically because it won’t be an 11.7 premium or just another artificially nerfed vehicle. It can also start to build France a BR between 9.7 and 11.7.

•) SK-105A3 (Tech Tree or Squadron)
Specifically because it’s a good end for the legacy of the AMX-13 to lead into top tier vehicles.

•) Panhard Sagaie II (Tech tree or Premium)
A potential rat vehicle only held back by its 90mm. But it’s mobility makes it a capable vehicle to progress the AMX-10RC.

•) VBL Mk3 (Tech tree)
Specifically because it’s an introduction to the Akeron system built on one of Frances workhorses and can serve as an introduction to the system. I couldn’t find any specific info on how many missiles are stowed but I imagine it would be 4-6+1 shots, it might not seem like much but it being so small will make it an effective recon vehicle.

•) VBL HOT/ATM (Tech Tree)
It can carry HOT-3’s without adding them to the Mephisto which would increase its BR. While being able to carry 2 missiles, one launcher can be replaced with either a 20mm or 30mm. It should be able to carry 4-6 spares like other VBL’s.

•) EBRC Jaguar (Tech Tree)
Because it’s the EBRC Jaguar, the Pinnacle of French recon vehicle design.

•) Vextra 105mm (Tech Tree)
While I’m aware that the Vextra POLE would be considered more appropriate for top tier and I’m not arguing against it. I consider the TML with the 105mm a more important addition that’s necessary for the health of the tree.

•) AMX-10RAA (Tech Tree)
France feels lacking in advanced gun systems for the reason that it felt like a dead end to French military doctrine. There are still a few modern options like this that were being developed up until the end.

•) Thales RAPIDFire (Tech Tree)
With the introduction of the CT40, it created an unexpected return to gun based Air defense for France. Compared to its predecessors it brings cutting edge smart ammunition that would make it potent in its role.

•) Panzer 87 WE Prototype (Squadron)
It’s a definitely Controversial ask, but would be a nice to have to complement the Leclerc “Ares” to potentially develop the 9.7-11.7 gap. We could live without it, but could develop France to be the best possible tech tree it can be.
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•) Panzer 58 (Premium)
A solid replacement for the current premium AMX-30, which can then be foldered under the 20mm AMX-30 to further develop the BR.

•) Mowag Shark Trinity (Tech Tree or Premium)
A capable gun SPAA that fills a similar role to the RAPIDFire except on a more capable platform.

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I would like as well, or a conglomerate TT with some more South American countries


T-71M1M with urban combat kit. A good 11.3 rank vii premium idea. More relict and laser warning system

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France should not get a Leopard, especially since they had nothing to do with it. There are better options for France.

Maybe, the problem is that there really isn’t any other options to solve the 9.7-11.7 gap.
I’ve still been looking and the best I can think of is the AMX-30V. Which would just be a AMX-30 Super with CITV. Unless you can think of something else between the AMX-40 and Leclerc.

Otherwise there’s still supposedly a lot of inspiration from the Leclerc. There’s supposedly titanium armor, similar Hunter-Killer, and the smoke system is either GALIX or inspired by it.

There is the EMBT which Germany and France can both get.

There is also Leclercs that UAE and Jordan use which would make good squadron vehicles.

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You don’t seem to understand the problem which requires me to ask for this Leopard. Even after specifically stating it.
Do I want to have to ask for it? No, but find something in between the AMX-40 and Leclerc.

Uhhhh maybe the sneaky AMX-30 with the stealth kit?

There doesn’t need to be anything between the AMX-40 and Leclerc though. Even if there was, it would have no line-up.

Germany goes from 10.0 to 11.7 for instance.

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It’s only a thermal cover. It retains the 105mm and I can’t find anything on it being stabilized besides it being developed at the same time as the 30C2.

It’s more forward thinking. The only other MBT we have is the Ares prototype that can go in between.
Other then that it’s just light vehicles.
Maybe we don’t need many MBTs between 9.7-11.7, but as it stands it’s really bad because there’s nothing.

More light vehicles the better. I love the intense feeling of panic whenever someone looks in my direction. Its so exciting.

Mbts get really boring after awhile. But thats just me.

They’re definitely very fun to play, don’t get me wrong. But MBTs are better at taking a hit, and Ares doesn’t have composite screens.

Best I can do is hope that France is getting a meaningful light tank instead of a worse VBCI-2.

It’s not like the Leclercs are able to take any hits either lol it wouldn’t change much really

Why does there need to be something here? If they didn’t use or design something that would have the performance for the BR it should just be open.