Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Maybe replace south africa then (jk, but i wish(

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Like i said you start Drama


Nope. ZA makes them full. A Canadian tech-tree is our only option now.


why Canada?

Praying for a Canadian TT, is there a post somewhere that shows all potential vehicles it could get for air or ground?

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I don’t know, maybe because leopard 2a4m CAN is Canadian?

Because Yes !


To be honest, I don’t really like this weird emphasising of “Chinese” being unable to write or spell or whatever. Really don’t like it at all, very weird behaviour on your part.


Who wouldnt want a Canadian TT, (Im Canadian)


The people who say than it’s copy and past…meh

I’m french Canadian…but still count!

LOL, yeah gaijin is giving UK another subtree while japan sits in the corner crying


This is just a fact about this user, not an insult. I don’t know his nickname, just his nationality

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Guy is giving the Vaush defence

You are just rude and add nothing to this discussion but drama

Well, I’m still working on the Air TT(We are almost done we just need to finish the event/premium section.

However, there is this one for Ground by Thatz. That shows all that could come to the TT.


I don’t personally recall any statement about the nationality of this particular leaker.

In any case, it’s not a good reason to link the nationality and “poor spelling” since it may well be that the information contained in the leak was correct at the time of it being posted and is simply being rendered incorrect by later changes.

We can expect after all that perhaps an early development build of the Alpha Jet may be in the UK tree, because it’s more important to fix other stuff than a bugged/wrong nationality or incorrectly spelled file name for a vehicle.

And your continuing it

I mean all the proof are there, if this leo is for Germany everyone will be disappointed except the German main who get a Leo every update

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Again, if anyone was offended by my words on this matter, I apologize. As for the plane, we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong


Just the fact than on the leak who start to be very accurate the Leo doesn’t have any nation name next to it is already a big proof no?

The Alpha jet is properly wrong unless Gajin has done a major mistake