Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

I was saying someone pointed out that the vehicle that became the Irsail TT (that wasn’t part of an event already) was found in the US files.

The same thing could be happening to Canada and thing for a TT for it is being found under the UK.

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Your edited one isn’t

everything you say isn’t based on anything


That is possible

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In the American branch of the Merkava, where are they located? Regular or premium?

Event like the SA vehicles in Germany

Bruh why we arguing over some shooting game again??
Modern stuff is too complex

I mean since everyone say than “new tech tree would be copy and past” we put all the futur tech tree in China


Basically the same as your answers

Probably anything tangentially related to Germany has been a sore spot since… A few hundred years I suppose.

But in our beloved game, probably day 1.

No, they said they have more nations to come. See this quote from Gaijin.

“Currently, War Thunder features 10 playable nations, and we have no intentions of stopping there!”


No you have come here to start drama

If we look at the Edited list you made you insult the original writer of it

This Modern stuff does not make that much sense

What do you mean?

No we use actual patterns you just edit post to cope more


They changed opinions then, i recall them pointing out Israel was the last when it released (ofc that’s 2 years ago so things change)

Nothing is really set in stone to be fair. A statement reflects the moment, nothing more.

Could they do what they did with hungary to Canada in the British tree?

Wait and see. In the end, it will be funny to watch the whining of one side and the other)

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No 5 lines are the max


No. Recently it is claimed that “5 lines is a maximum” therefore I conclude Britain cannot have another line.

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