Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

It’s also entirely possible the leak list is wrong and we are actually getting a BAE Hawk, but the leaker either mistook the Hawk for the Alpha jet or it has a weird name like Alpha_T1

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Indeed. Leaks are leaks and we will get what we get.

I mean i repeat the controversial statement that imo britain too can get an AlphaJet as long as the developer nations both get one too


Yep, I’d prefer the Hawk anyway. It has a lot of potential for our TT

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Imagine the irony if Germany didn’t get the Alpha jet this update because it’s coming at the same BR as the Hunter F58 as a bit of CAS aircraft and gaijin concluded Germany didn’t need another CAS aircraft at that BR yet

I dont think it’ll be 9.7

9.3 at best

Where is my WW2 era stuff???

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That will be an epic swap lol

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The hunter isn’t really a cas aircraft. It’s just there to provide guided weapons and get swiss players to buy the hunter with GE

If its anything like the Hawk with wise to loadout options, think it could appear anywhere between BR8.7 and 13.0

Wouldn’t it be more normal to mistake the Gnat for the Alpha jet instead of the Hawk?

Possibly, at a quick glance the hawk and alpha have a similar cockpit

If Canada coming as a new nation you will have a lot of WWII stuff


Hungary Air will also add a lot of WWII stuff

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All of me rams will have a home though I still play the gun bus to confuse people still

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Pardon me, but what does Alpha Jet even bring except Magic 1 on a subsonic for France and maybe 2 AGM-65 of some model for ground rb.

I don’t really know anything about the alpha jet

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the german and then British one brings Unguided bombs and Unguided rockets

and a singular centerline BK27

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Well, I’ll agree and other nations seemed more likely Canada isn’t too bad of an option.

  • It could start at rank 1
  • Be the perfect second home for the Commonwealth
  • Last some time without a Sub-tree
  • Could get Australia/ANZACs as a sub-tree
  • Has a decent amount of domestic vehicles

For the tech trees that could start in rank 1, I’d put them in just below the best additions (but still close to the top).