Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

This is quite the statement. Likely the Soviet tree has more mass produced variants than exist French designs full stop.

No disagreement there.

RARDEN wouldnt be so bad if gaijin didnt enforce a belt that halves the effective firing rate on it tbh.

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I’m not sure what your point is here? The new one coming in is at entirely different BR to these two.


My popcorn is ready.

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I’ve put my British vishlist, just look at how many LT and ifv they have.


Touch and zoom in

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They have. However, they seem to be using circular reasoning, that being that France doesn’t get a lot of money, causing Gaijin to not prioritise it, which in turn makes it make less money, perpetuating the problem.


This is also true.
You can’t add it at 11.0 because the M1A1 is way better in terms of protection and mobility.
You can’t properly add it at 10.3 because the M1 will literally be shadowed by this thing (looking at your pfp i know that you’ve played the M1,so you’ll understand the struggle of that tank resides to its firepower).

You can’t folder it with the M1,you can folder it with the TTS but that’s the USMC line,and this was not an USMC tank.

I think that we either need the 750hp version with the 5s reload or the 1200hp version with the old Abrams reload,and put it at 10.3/10.7 hoping that it will not shadow the Abrams


judging from the leaklists, this update is similar to
fire and ice which is CP vehicles and few new stuff!


I was talking about adding 2 time SPAA at the same BR, 5.7, not about the new one here.


Yeah…im…coping there are more interesting things but eh

I just hope that, if they ever fix the camo (bug reported eons ago), they correct the currently wrong one and not implement it separately in a cash grab attempt hahahah

Like… some of us already paid 600 GE to get the tricolor camo for Leclercs, don’t try to make us pay 600 more GE for the corrected tone, just change the wrong one, right?

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Neither of these have anything to do with this topic, as does most of the discussions starting here.

So please keep the subject matter focused on what’s relevant to the topic.


Ok guys, the topic will be closed for a short period due to the off topic spam.

There are plenty of places to discuss suggestions and future tree ideas / requests, but this is not one of them. By all means keep the discussion on what’s been announced, but it’s getting way out of hand.


It doesn’t matter what French mains get; they will complain. It’s a universal constant.




just because the list doesnt show something for some country doesnt mean its not getitng vehicles

the update supposedly has 40+ vehicles