Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

And somehow a modern premium MBT is refused because we lack a lineup at a ~10.3/11.0 BR, when it’s first Gaijin fault to not working on a lineup there. just lol.


Yeah I’m also looking forward to [1 unique plane and 10 soviet copy paste]
inb4 “it’s not copy paste because it has a different camo and a refueling probe!”

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I mean it’s with a terrible engine of 750hp. So it has to be a lower BR than M1A1.

It’s going to be a lower BR troll vehicle for hull down trolling.

Yeah, but looking at it, its more and more likely that the leopard is german.

There is 3 realy great intresting vehicles for uk already and 1 pretty much copy paste bf109.

Of course the list doesnt show everything but with hungary air we would already be on the amount of an update. And the not seen stuff should be japan and italien more

" no we dont want to introduce more stuff in high tier you guys have to much win on the statistic you dont need even buff" despite having the worst apfsds in top tier

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Can you imagine a peaceful world where it was both? (i cope)

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On the other hand, before that, Britain (South Africa) had added one of the strongest wheelers with a 105mm stabilized gun. Rooikat mttd. Vickers mk11 not as strong as.

is it? i thought L27A1 was the worse

Even if they give us the logical next step of French APFSDS, it would still be obsolete for the SXXI service xD

now uk has the chally 3 with dm 53

the A10? yes it does but the Buccanner will be in terms of speed closer to a Su 25 and it should get a Pavespike laserdesignator with GBUS, what is a upgrade over the TV ammunition of the A10.

Im aware but still.

M1A1 turret armor with at least M829 (Same pen as 120mm DM33) and a 5 second reload?

Yeah nah I don’t see it being 10.3.

for the xlr we could have the ofle 120 f2 and the shard

Iirc the engine was also upgraded to 1200 HP.

L27 is slightly worse

Edit i was looking at the wrong dart

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i doubt we are getting the alpha jet it was be a mistake or something

Germany must be getting it

Like the ones the UK use are private which they said they won’t add

and we got them from the Germanys

It is an M60A1 hull with the same 750hp engine and no added hull armor. It is going to be the slowest tank at any BR above 9.0. You’re certifiably insane if you think it would be above 10.3

All the suggestions state that the engine was changed to a 1200 HP engine though?

Edit: nvm that would only be for the production vehicles.

And don’t forget the Hyperbar engine.

Leclerc’s engine deliver full power at the second the driver press the accelerator. Power is not “building” overtime like other standard engine.

But it would have probably be worked on if it would be US or Russian engine.

I know it’s the case for every tank probably but damn when you look at IRL mobility of the Leclercs, ingame feel really years behind

See at 0:18s ? This jump would dump the speed at 5km/h in WT xD