Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I also thought around that idea, like allied nations in kards.

I wasnt about when it first got PD, but I do recall PD+Skyflash (when they were first added) being significantly more potent than they are now (at least in SB) and multipathing was significantly less of a thing.

these days though… the Phantoms probably need to go down to 11.0 and the sheer lack of content we’ve had over the past few years has been attrocious

If someone can help

Justinplays and spookston gives good content in game plays, they dont make tutorials but their process of thinking are helpful I guess


Ty, for some reason I don’t learn like that, I learn by hands on stuff

I feel like this may be British 12.0 premium
But without R-77s for… Obvious reasons.

Ngl, if we are getting the Hornet (no matter if this patch or anytime soon), I am hoping for the early A-model…

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on release the FGR2 was just a heavier F4E that was it, because it didnt come with its PD or Skyflashes, and it never had the agile eagle upgrade so it couldn’t dogfight, it was good when it got its PD but it was quickly over shadowed

Its the US. They’ll get every single variant


not really again I would prefer gaijin at least tries to stay to nato vs warsaw pact but if its better then the challengers sure, not sure what nation we could get that has VT4s tho


I feel like gaijin adding pakistan and india to the UK is a terrible idea

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I can see F/A-18A as the initial variant (after F-14A/B which get foldered), then the C being after that, with F-14D possibly being either before or after (depending on weaponry and such). I could maybe see the F/A-18B as an event aircraft, but F/A-18D’s the one that has me confused.

Either way, Hornet is a Hornet. I’ll be happy either way
(I must eventually have the complete aircraft collection from the Area 88 OVAs in-game, it is a long-term goal lol)

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I just want the Hornet because it looks cool

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i think nigeria would be more likely

I want it because:
A. it looks cool
B. it plays a major part in my favorite anime/manga (I have mentioned this before too many times lol)

And on that bombshell…


Lol somehow thats the thing I dislike the most. This is a video game, accuracies are neesed for tanks, but matchmaking should be as ahistorical and chaotic as possible. UK vs US, get it a third round, Russia vs China, Japan vs Germany and stuff.

What’s the anime

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not just probably it need to go down.
today iam basicly playing only against mig 29, F14A/B, F16 and F15.
not very Fun or balanced.
IF they would give it it Aim 9Ls i could accept it beeing 11.3.

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Area 88 OVAs (1985/1986)
(this clip specifically is from the opening dogfight of Act III: Burning Mirage)

Sadly, only 3 Hornets appeared in Act III (already stretching it since it’s set in '82), and all three bite the dust. First two die to R-23s fired from Mig-21s (very cursed) with failed proxy-fuses, third goes down after slamming into a rock during the nighttime canyon-run

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