Ground rb

So, I suck at ground… period…
I would love it if someone could help me get good…

I have a T80uk, and a 6.0 tank in isreal i forgot the name.

I’m good at air but suck at ground and would like to be great at both.



When i made the switch from ARB to ground, i was pretty bad. But i can try to help…
is the T80UK your only tank at 11.3? if yes get more, the more the merrier.

  1. Watch some CC’s and learn from their map positioning and spots, they’ve played for a while so they know some secrets

  2. Playing a lot to get used to the maps and where enemies usually appear.

  3. Try to tell where an enemy is though sound queues, them firing, their engine, etc. It helps to turn down your engine sounds and turn up theirs

  4. Be vigilant. Unlike ARB, there are no markers here, so you gotta look around to find enemies, missiles, etc. You can rely on thermals for some of it but learn to use the third person camera to look around a hill or building.

  5. Your team. Be vigilant of your teammates like where they died, their pings, or what they shot at (an icon appears on the mini map) or scouted

  6. Use what you’re good at. In my case my ears. what are you good at in video games, try to use it to your advantage

Hope i can help :)

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You have 59 battles with six tanks from three nations… first mistake.

Pick a nation with a full deck of tanks of one rank, better of the same BR and play a few hundred battles with it to develop the vehicles and crews and get an understanding of the tactics required.

With a high tier premium this will be nothing.


Thank you both so much! I’ll apply this to my gameplay

I’m going to try to grind Russia and isreal,

I only have the uk in Russia and the m-51 I think in isreal

I’m trying to get the t-95 and the t-80u in Russia and the top tier merkava, but first for isreal the m109

Are these good game plans and grinds?

well be ready for one hell of a grind. The ground grind is pretty tedious compared to air, but with premium time and a prem tank its a bit easier, try to get an spaa to use cause i cant imagine how bad cas is at 11.3.

godspeed winter

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Thanks dude, I might focus on air cus my prem time is running out in 8 days, need to get that su-27

The best way to learn is to start with really low tier vehicles and work your way up through the ranks. Take note of what tanks are good at what and so forth.

Medium tanks and mbts are multirole vehicles and perform pretty much any thing with decent efficiency.

Tank destroyers and spgs are normally better for camping.

light tanks do best if you flank and try to stay hidden avoid getting in direct confrontations unless you feel like getting yeeted. if you think you can pen a tank on the side and you start shooting and it doesn’t pen with the first few hits don’t sit there and assume that you are going to pen in the next few. Move out of line of fire and scram to a different point if possible. if you know you can’t damage the enemy vehicle but they are looking for you try to take off a track with out endangering yourself and then, once again, scram.

heavy tanks and heavily armored spgs are pretty good as long as you don’t allow some one to flank you and you manage to avoid any CAS.

Best way to avoid CAS is to stay in shadows and under trees or among brush. hiding among dead tanks is the last thing you want to do because the color difference from dead and active is shockingly easy to see from the air.

If you team mates are getting slaughtered in a certain area #hint don’t go that way. Don’t trust your team mates to help you because they are not going to help much even if they try. Most russian tanks at higher brs have bad reverses so don’t pull out and shot and then try to back up unless you are positive that it is a guaranteed kill. Instead look for cover you can drive directly to after leaving your cover to fire ie. there is a house acorss from the house your behind, drive out fire and drive behind the other house don’t stop.

If you run into a tank that you are unfamiliar with and don’t know how to damage always shoot the barrel or breach if possible and then take note of your surroundings to see if you should push or scram before he is repaired.

Notes: bush warriors are rampant at top tier and CAS is extremely deadly. Camping is also pretty bad, never assume no one is around the corner or over the hill. odds are their is someone and they are just waiting for you in specific


Stop! No grind. You won’t learn anything if you grind yourself up. You end up as cannon fodder in the Hightier without having understood the basic mechanics.
Here are a few things that helped me.
Objective #1: Don’t get hit. Stealth and deception!
Objective #2: Avoid the hotspots. Move around the edge of the hotspots and flank.
Objective #3: Know your opponents’ vehicles.
I played too many German tanks at the beginning and had no idea what the enemy could and couldn’t do.
And there’s so much more to learn. After 300+ days in the game, I haven’t reached the end of the learning curve yet. In the meantime, certain players have become predictable. You shot down a guy in a light tank. There’s a good chance you’re about to get a visit from an aircraft.
You’ve got someone standing in the last corner packed with bushes. You’ll often find him there again later.
Reflect on your own behaviour and break with it. Do you always drive to the same place on a map? Do you use the same tank again and again because you are good with it? Get out of your comfort zone and do something different.
Last but not least. Use the whole toolbox! All armour classes, all aircraft, all SPAA. Learn them all and above all WHEN to use them best.
There’s so much more and I’m glad you want to get better!

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Thank you for the enthusiasm, I just got on if you want to play!

You are jumping in at mid and high tier. Hell of a learning curve.

Pick the low tier as stated to get used to seeing vehicles first on the maps. Unlike ARB, there are no markers for ground or air vehicles.

Once you get comfortable being able to spot enemies, and hear where vehicles are in relation to you, then the ground game does get easier.

I would then suggest you could return to M-51, it’s a got a great gun, but it’s slow and little armor. If you have a similar aircraft to pair it up with then you’ll probably do better.

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I just got my highest ground kill game yet! 5 kill but… I was stubborn and used a m51, just got a m109a1 tho!

Russia and Germany would be more fun for you. Israel would be better for when you get bored later, or get much better. At beginner level Israel is painful grind the way they are. Germany has lots of fun vehicles and is arguably best top tier atm.

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What he said and personally the spitfire is a great choice of plane. ridiculously good fighter too

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