Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

again, are u aware of who even released the one i send?

truly sad that britains bluewater addition is yet another battle cruiser from ww1

There seems to be a Jutland theme doesn’t there ?


I agree. Rumors don’t exist so everyone should get back to the game lol

i find it funny how he told me to stay calm lol, i am completly different if aggrevated like u might now xD

Most advanced mig21 for UK, most advanced Hunter for Germany… Nothing have sense anymore xD

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i actualy aint , first time i had seen it was on a discord serv that hadn’t mention the source , but claimed it was what i said

i mean for the longest time, moist advanced leopard in sweden… wait a moment depending how u see it that still the case

But at least they are service vehicle, not one things like that that are added on strange base

Depends on how MiG-21 upgrades are defined. If we give a very strict definition, where it must be upgraded by MiG or other Russian bureaus and strictly using Russian weaponry, the bison is probably the most advamced version. But there are also things like the LanceR, 21-2000 which was upgraded by elbit and IAI respectively, or J-7E/G upgrades. If we loosen the limits by a lot, the JF-17 Block III, capable of carrying nuclear standoff munitions, ARH with a range of 100+km, with PESA radar and modern RWR+MAWS - is also a MiG-21 upgrade, its based on the super seven programme so a J-7.

that would be quite a bad move.

afterward, the french tech tree will be so crowded it would be hard to consider adding a single new vehicle. even if it’s a genuine French vehicle.
at some point, Gaijin will have to consider splitting the French tech tree to take BeNelux away to give it its tech tree.
this will create a lot of redundancy. BeNeLux will be unique but the essential would be also in France. That will be less interesting and make the game heavy and confusing for no reason.

if they come to that, I would just suggest postponing the release of BeNeLux until they get enough to make a tech tree on their own without just temporarily put it in the French tech tree. for me, it would be a better solution.

so far only the Swedish and Finlander tech-tree made sense to me. South Africa had a lot of Vehicles to have a tree on their own too. The UK also has a ton of light tanks to add for every rank. the Italians also still have a lot to offer but they would remain smaller than the other nations. I do not understand what is the obsession to get the subtree.

it might be because, with 8 ranks, Gaijin just does not have enough time to make all the vehicles needed. A tree does not need to be as complete as a full tree. in this case, I would say to add half the tree at the time.
they could release the Rank 1-2-3-4 in one update and 5-6-7-8 in the next one. or the other way around. a bit as they did for Israel as I believe it could easily get the rank 1-2-3 too for the grounds

Oh I forgor Nigeria also has some JF-17s. Britain wasnt the good guy in Nigeria, but considering they got Indian stuff with questionable history, uh, maybe.

yeah which is cool and all until you remember none of these ships have AA leaving you a sitting duck to the early jets you can run into

Su-57 stealth isn’t that good, idk about j-20

problem is Uk wants tanks not planes

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I’m not sure that was ever done and I am hesitant to believe that would be case with French tank tree.
As I said before in this topic, technically you could say that sub tree was added even if its just couple of vehicle to plug the holes in the tech tree, which French tank tree does have around 10.3 BR.

I believe they will just mix them in with rest, as in, add BeNeLux vehicles in already existing lines.

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Well Im sure on that regard Britain doesnt want VT-4s anyways, considering how badly they are implemented. I cant count how many times I wanted to kms after losing a dual with 7.1 reload.

no idea honestly, who has vt 4 that uk could get ? @Smugspite u want VT-4s?

Tab trees could resolve so many issues here, more room for the subtree while not making the main tree cramped

VT-4s are operated by Nigeria and Pakistan, formal British subjects(the latter as a part of the raj). VT-4 is arguably the worst MBT for Chinese top tier or the bottom 5 of the entire game. Its marginally better than merkava mk4s or non-AMV arietes, but thats like all I can name.