Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Meanwhile in SQB


Saab on their way to make up for lack of IRL Gripen sales by giving them to most nations in War Thunder

Imagine if this is the only plane that gets ARHs in the British tree 😂


You joke I can totally see gaijin locking our ARH missile behind a paywall and making us wait almost a full year for a TT plane to have ARH missiles

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That’s what’s probably going to happen

french ifv moment


Sadly not the swedish one, Mav As are borderline garbo lol
(esquib ded tho fr)

at this point you could just give an independent tree


worst is depending of what is realesed with the BENELUX “sub tree” it might be longer than a year , and even if wee get one it aint french

Very much looking forward to it.
Might have to break my habit of only 1 premium per patch (NF-5 and Bison).
You posted the original leak right?

The J-7’s you mentioned likely will be China’s premium. Hopefully finally with a non Russian cockpit. What capabilities would they have?

we are still quite far from JF-17s, JF-17 variants are gen 3.5 or 4 fighters.

The Piranhas wouldn’t be bad to see, but if it just means something like the CV9035 it definitely won’t be the best as it would just add unnecessary bloat. Historical precedent also gives a bad feeling.
BeNeLux could also just bea token addition, which is a very real possibility.

I was talking about the J-7E/G you mentioned. I think you misread JF-17.

Was there some new hopium? Any leaks? Smin messages?

just out of curiosity what else could the italian costal fleet get? because I got the friccia ages ago and ive been enjoying playing it

J-7E is already in the game, its a great fighter. J-7G would have better avionics but i dont think its neccessary.

I’m ready for this but as someone from the Ne in BeNeLux, I don’t mind :)

Ah yes of course, any J-7’s with Fox 3’s we might expect in the near future to follow the rank 8 premium trend of F-20/Bison/etc?

That is the J-7G supposedly.

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