Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

that… didnt need to be mentioned

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Which would be appealing if it was done well, but these youtubes just pump out 5 videos a day with little or no editing and poor AI thumbnails

Which leads to a major downside. Since most players don’t go to the forums or don’t know it exist will flock to youtubers who create the videos talking about the list, regardless if its fake or not.

Of course some like TEC do say that it could be fake but that it doesn’t seem to stop players from day-dreaming or wishing for something that is too far ahead at the moment.

I mean, looking at his post history he have not posted anything about leaks since the tieba got published

Oh yeah your the guy who created the Challenger 2 Camo netting idea. I’m sorry to hear that my guy but it’s a great idea you have in mind. :p

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Thanks <3

Now time to plug some more of mine :P

Royal Engineers Text Decal
Challenger 2 Camouflage nets should be removable
British Vehicle Recognition Number Decals

Since the what?

Isnt that the point for everyone selling a product? Create an appeal of some kind, to entice the consumers? leak

Well that is because that leak from a good source and backed by a second good source, so any new list is either the same, or wrong. I haven’t seen a new list since that one.


Yeah? That is the point. But some take it way too far.

Beatings will continue until Morale Improves.

That said… probably not this week? Me suspects next week.


They might do a cliffhanger Devblog aka gives us the pre-order devblog and then we wait next-week for more.

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Us waiting for devblog


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RP for the snail emperor, SL for the eternal grind


Nah, the pre-order once will be the last one so people can argue here more.

Then its revealed the Arjun will be the german pre-order. /j

Its gonna be That thing in the corner Which will be the pre-order :p


Probably next week. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a pre-order devblog Friday.


Perhaps, but I will top that message saying that its usually the time to release the next event devblog, so thats a possibility tomorrow.

Huh? I know the CF-101 is a missile-only craft.

It is the F-101B. That’s why it’s at the generous BR of 8.7 (after asking others)